What Happened to Tope Alabi? Check the Latest News About Tope Alabi

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Who is Tope Alabi?

Tope Alabi is a Nigerian gospel singer, film composer and actress, from Ogun State. She is recognized by various names, including “Ore ti o common” and “Agbo Jesu.” In pursuing her education, Tope Alabi earned a National Diploma in Mass Communication from Ibadan Polytechnic. After graduating in 1990, she began her career as a reporter at NTA (Nigerian Television Authority) in Ibadan.

Tope Alabi’s musical journey began at an early age when she joined the choir of her local Catholic church at the age of 7. Since then, she has shown her remarkable talent in creating a variety of traditional and modern rhythms. Her compositions have received widespread acclaim, characterized by a unique blend of Christian slang that sets her apart.

Over the course of her career, Tope Alabi has released numerous songs, captivating audiences with soul-stirring performances. Her versatility as a singer, combined with her ability to mix traditional and contemporary elements, has cemented her place as a respected figure in the gospel music scene. Nigerian negative.


What happened to Tope Alabi?

Tope Alabi, a prominent Nigerian Gospel artist, has faced harsh criticism and scrutiny after a viral video of her performance went viral. In the video, Tope Alabi is seen accompanying her reserve singers, using a specific “term” during her service at a church. This has resulted in traditional worshipers resonating with it and urging gospel singers to integrate into their communities.

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The popular singer used the phrase “aboru aboye”, a phrase commonly used by a specific group of traditionalists as a greeting between them.

Previously, Alabi was associated with the comedy group Jesters International. She later collaborated with famous theater and touring troupes in both Ibadan and Lagos. She also ventured into making films of the Yoruba film genre, which is popular in Nigeria. However, Tope Alabi turned her attention to gospel music after she converted to Christianity.

Tope Alabi Latest News

Tope Alabi faced backlash and scrutiny when she repeatedly emphasized a particular word during her performance. The video quickly went viral, leading to the creation of many remix videos.

Many netizens criticized her for using such a phrase in the context of a church, questioning her spirituality. However, there are also individuals who defend the gospel singer, claiming that she simply understands and appreciates the Yoruba language and its expressions.

On May 21, 2019, Tope Alabi was honored by Nigerians as the queen of the Yoruba language on Twitter, following a contest organized by United Bank for Africa as part of its 70th anniversary celebrations. However, on June 13, 2021, she faced backlash and criticism from fellow gospel artists due to her comments on a song titled “Oniduro Mi”, The song caused widespread outrage.

Tope Alabi still married?

Yes, Tope Alabi, a famous gospel singer, is happily married to Soji Alabi, a studio engineer and music producer. Their love story began in 1994 when Tope visited a recording studio in Ikeja, Lagos, where Soji was working as a studio engineer. At that time, they were simply acquaintances and colleagues in the music industry. However, their relationship took a significant turn four years later in 1998 when Soji proposed to Tope.

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Overjoyed at the proposal, they decided to get married in the same year, officially becoming husband and wife. The happy marriage of Tope Alabi and Soji Alabi has brought them joy when they have three lovely children. Their children’s names are Ayomikun, Deborah and Boluwatife. As a family, they share precious moments together, nurture love and create lasting memories.

Tope Alabi’s dedication to family is evident in her commitment to maintaining a harmonious and supportive family where love and care flourish. Children bring an extra source of happiness and fulfillment to their lives, making their family relationships stronger.

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