What is Fortnite Error Code 10022? How to Fix Fortnite Error Code 10022?

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What is Fortnite error code 10022?

Fortnite, although a free-to-play game, offers in-game rewards and competitive battles for exceptional players. This has caused some players to cheat to climb to the top, which is where Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) comes into play. Easy Anti-Cheat is a piece of software that works in conjunction with Fortnite to prevent players from cheating during gameplay. However, many players have had issues with Easy Anti-Cheat when launching Fortnite, specifically encountering error code 10022.

Fortnite is capable of using EAC or BattlEye for its anti-cheat system, but BattlEye is less likely to cause launch errors. The problem arises when the game randomly chooses which anti-cheat program to use each time it launches. To deal with and resolve Fortnite error code 10022, specific steps should be taken to resolve any Easy Anti-Cheat related errors or problems.

How to fix Fortnite error code 10022?

To resolve the Fortnite error code 10022, you can take several steps to fix the problem:

Uninstall and reinstall Easy Anti-Cheat

  • Locate the EAC folder in the Fortnite folder on your game console. Open the ‘EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe’ file present in the folder and select the ‘uninstall’ option. Once the uninstall is complete, proceed to select ‘install’ to reinstall the Easy Anti-Cheat software.
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Restart your device

  • After reinstalling Easy Anti-Cheat, reboot your device to refresh system files before relaunching Fortnite.

Test your connection to the EAC . server

  • Make sure that your device is connected to a stable internet connection to access the servers required for Easy Anti-Cheat. If you encounter any network problems, you can try restarting your Wi-Fi router to refresh the connection. You can also check your device’s access to the EAC network by clicking on the link provided.

Fortnite game file verification

  • Open the Epic Games launcher and go to the gallery. Right click on Fortnite and select the “verify” option. This process will scan and validate the Fortnite game files, removing any corrupted or missing data. Once the verification is complete, reboot your device before logging back into your Fortnite account.

Update your device and Fortnite software

  • Outdated firmware or an older version of Fortnite can cause error code 10022. Make sure your device operating system is up to date. Also, check for any available updates for Fortnite and install them to ensure compatibility with the Easy Anti-Cheat software.

Uninstall and reinstall Fortnite

  • If the previous steps do not resolve the issue, consider uninstalling Fortnite from your device. This will remove any potentially corrupt software that could cause error code 10022 when launching the game with Easy Anti-Cheat. Once uninstalled, restart your PC or game console before downloading and reinstalling Fortnite.

Why does Fortnite Error Code 10022 occur?

Fortnite error code 10022 can occur for a number of reasons related to Easy Anti-Cheat software and account updates:

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Problem with the game’s security certificate

  • If there is a problem with the game’s security certificate, it may prevent your device from establishing a connection with the Easy Anti-Cheat server. This can lead to the appearance of error code 10022 when launching Fortnite.

Choose Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) software

  • When launching Fortnite, the game has the option to use Easy Anti-Cheat or BattlEye software to prevent cheating. Although BattlEye is less likely to cause error code 10022, if Fortnite chooses the Easy Anti-Cheat software, it can lead to unexpected errors on your device.

Issues related to account updates

  • Sometimes, Fortnite error code 10022 can occur when trying to access your account information especially after updating the game. These updates can sometimes cause unexpected bugs that interfere with the smooth running of the game.

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