Where to Find Crystalline Sulfur in Subnautica? Crystalline Sulfur Location Subnautica

Where to Find Crystal Sulfur in Subnautica? Discover the importance of Crystallized Sulfur in Subnautica as an important raw material with oxidizing and reducing properties. Learn where to find Crystallized Sulfur in Subnautica and how to get it in Subnautica: Under Zero. Don’t miss the buzz – sign up for Fresherslive now! From breaking celebrity news to insightful movie reviews, be the first to know and participate in the ever-evolving entertainment scene at Fresherslive.

What is crystalline sulfur in Subnautica?

Crystallized sulfur plays an important role in the world of Subnautica: Under Zero as a versatile and essential resource. Its dual function as both an oxidizing and reducing agent makes it a valuable ingredient in crafting and upgrading various tools and equipment. The game offers players a challenging survival experience, and obtaining Crystallized Sulfur becomes paramount to their progress.

With Crystal Sulfur, players can craft vital tools for navigating and surviving in treacherous underwater environments. Repair tools allow essential repair of damaged equipment and structures. Flares become a valuable source of light, assisting exploration in dark areas and driving away potential threats. To progress effectively in Subnautica: Under Zero, the player must realize the importance of Crystallized Sulfur and diligently gather this resource.

Where to Find Crystallized Sulfur in Subnautica: Under Zero?

In Subnautica: Inside Zero, there are several biomes and locations where the player can find Crystallized Sulfur. Some notable areas include Arctic Kelp Cave, Crystal Cave, Crystal Castle, Delta Island, Deep Purple Vent, Purple Vent, and Winding Bridge. Crystalline sulfur can be obtained from the Sulfur Trees found in these areas. However, players should exercise caution as they are protected by hostile Crashfish. After the Crashfish leaves the Sulfur Factory, the player can collect Crystallized Sulfur.

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Another way to get Crystallized Sulfur is to interact with Sea Monkeys. These creatures sometimes carry resources, including Crystallized Sulfur, which they can make available to the player. One of the richest sources of Crystallized Sulfur is Delta Island. The hot pools found on the island not only provide warmth to prevent freezing, but also serve as a place where Crystallized Sulfur can be born. Additionally, players can find Crystallized Sulfur on Delta Island’s cave walls, making it a convenient place to gather this resource.

Location of sulfur crystallization in Subnautica: Below Zero

Crystalline sulfur can be found in various biomes and locations in Subnautica: Under Zero. Some of the main areas to find this resource include Arctic Kelp Cave, Crystal Cave, Crystal Castle, Delta Island, Dark Purple Vent, Purple Vent, and Winding Bridge. It is mainly obtained from the Sulfur Tree, but the player must wait for the Crashfish to leave before collecting it. Additionally, Sea Monkeys can sometimes provide Crystallized Sulfur as a resource.

For a more concentrated amount of Crystallized Sulfur, players should explore Delta Island. The hot pools and cave walls in this area often contain crystalline sulfur. We recommend using Heat Lilies or Cold Suits to stay warm while exploring these frigid environments. Check more for How to Get Crystallized Sulfur in Subnautica Below 0 in the upcoming section.

How to get sulfur to crystallize in Subnautica Under Zero

To get Crystallized Sulfur in Subnautica: Below 0, follow these steps:

Harvest from sulfur plants:

  • Visit biomes like Arctic Kelp Cave, Crystal Cave, Crystal Castle, Dark Purple Vent, Purple Vent, Winding Bridge, and Winding Bridge Cave.
  • Approach the Sulfur Trees with caution, as they are protected by aggressive Crashfish.
  • Wait for the Crashfish to leave the factory, then collect the Crystallized Sulfur.
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Received from Sea Monkeys:

  • Interact with Sea Monkeys, which can be found throughout the game.
  • Sea Monkeys occasionally carry Sulfur Crystals and can provide them to the player.

Explore Delta Island:

  • Head to Delta Island, which offers a lot of Crystallized Sulfur.
  • Look for hot pools on the island that provide warmth, preventing freezing.
  • Crystallized sulfur can be generated around hot pools.
  • Look for the cave walls of Delta Island, as Crystallized Sulfur can also be found there.

By following these methods you should be able to successfully obtain Crystallized Sulfur in Subnautica: Under Zero.

Game Subnautica Under Zero

Subnautica: Under Zero is an open-world survival action-adventure game set on a distant ocean planet called 4546B in the Andromeda Galaxy. Players take on the role of Ryley Robinson, the sole survivor of the crashed spaceship Aurora. The main objective is to explore the underwater environment, survive its dangers and complete quests to continue the story.

The game features many gameplay elements, including resource gathering, blueprint exploration, tool building, base and submersible construction, and interaction with the planet’s diverse wildlife. . While much of the game takes place underwater, there are also two hidden islands to explore. The game supports virtual reality (VR) headsets such as the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, providing immersive experiences.


Players must be on the lookout for dangers lurking in the depths, including hostile creatures like Squid Crab, Bone Shark, Amperels, Tracker, Crash Fish, and powerful Leviathan-level life forms like the Reaper , Sea Dragon and Ghost Leviathans. Subnautica: Below Zero offers different difficulty modes to suit player preferences.

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Survival mode requires managing health, hunger, thirst, and oxygen, with the risk of losing some items upon death. The free mode is similar but removes the hunger and thirst mechanics. Hardcore mode introduces permanent death, where death results in the deletion of the saved file. Creative mode provides unlimited resources, removes draining traits, and unlocks all blueprints for creative building and exploration.

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