Where to Find Uma Garden in Tears of the Kingdom? TOTK Uma Farm Location

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Where to find Uma Garden in Tears of The Kingdom?

Uma’s Garden is a Side Quest located in the Mount Lanayru region of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Side quests are shorter missions that involve simple tasks or chores, and they often offer small rewards or services.

To start the “Uma’s Garden” side quest, you need to first complete the “Teach Me a Lesson II” quest with Symin at school. By assisting Symin in teaching students, he will grant you access to the school grounds. You should then meet with Uma, who will provide further guidance and assistance in setting up the garden. As part of the setup process, Uma will ask for one of the vegetables you want to grow.

Once you have given the vegetables to Uma, she will start gardening. She will explain that you need to leave the area and give the garden some time to grow. It’s important to note that simply killing time by staying in an inn or making a campfire will not count towards the required time. You must leave the field for several hours before returning.

After a few hours have passed, return to the field and talk to Uma to complete the quest. The purpose of this quest is to introduce you to the mechanics of the field and give you the opportunity to grow more plants as a reward for your efforts.

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Totk Uma Farm Location

The only farm featured in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is located in Hateno Village. To unlock this farm, follow the steps outlined below. Hateno Village can be found northeast of Mount Ebon and southwest of Mount Lanayru. The most efficient way to reach the village is by taking a quick trip to the Lanayru Mountain Skyview Tower.

From there, use a paraglider to descend to the village nestled beneath some ponds around coordinates 3356, -2129, 0121. Upon arrival you should explore the nearby Zanmik Temple and complete it to unlock it. a fast moving point.

Upon arrival at Hateno Village, look for wooden signs that will direct you to the village school located in the remote northwest at coordinates 3365, -1984, 0129. At the school you’ll meet Symin, who previously worked at the school. at the Village’s Ancient Technology Laboratory in Breath of the Wild. Now he is faced with the task of convincing his skeptical students of historical events, including the Catastrophe.

Symin will ask Link for help, starting the side quest “Teach Me a Lesson.” This quest involves some traveling and collecting rare materials, so refer to the detailed guide for comprehensive instructions on how to complete the “Teach Me a Lesson” sidequest sequence in Tears of the Kingdom.

After successfully completing both parts of the “Teach me a lesson” quest sequence, you will gain access to the Hateno School farm. This farm is located on the southwest side of the school building. You can now use this designated area to grow crops and engage in agricultural activities.

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Tears Of The Kingdom

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom introduces a feature where players can unlock various items and rewards using Amiibo figurines. Amiibo is an interactive metric line released by Nintendo that can be scanned with the Nintendo Switch console to trigger special in-game content. In Tears of the Kingdom, players have the opportunity to use a specific Zelda-themed Amiibo to receive exclusive unlockable items and additional benefits.

To use Amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom, players need a compatible Amiibo character and a Nintendo Switch console. By placing the Amiibo on the designated NFC (Near Field Communication) area of ​​the console, the player can initiate the scanning process. The game recognizes the scanned Amiibo and offers the corresponding reward or reward.

The list of known rewards obtained using Amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom includes a variety of items and enhancements. These rewards can include additional weapons, armor sets, consumables like health restorers, and even changes to Link’s appearance. Each Zelda-themed Amiibo has its own unique set of rewards, adding an extra layer of excitement and collectability for players.

Several exclusive unlockables from using the Zelda-themed Amiibo in Tears of the Kingdom are designed specifically for the Zelda franchise. These bonuses often pay homage to iconic items, characters, or locations from past Zelda games, allowing players to experience a nostalgic connection to the series.

Examples of such unlockables could include legendary weapons like the Master Sword, special outfits based on classic Zelda outfits, or even extra side quests involving characters familiar.


Where to find Uma Totk?

In Hateno Village, right next to Hateno Village West Well, you’ll find Uma tending the fields next to the school. Once you’ve completed the Teach Me a Lesson II side quest, you can talk to Uma to start the Uma’s Garden side quest.

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After starting the quest Uma’s Garden, Uma will take on the responsibility of farming for you. This means you can give her seeds or vegetables, and she will plant them in the field. It was a convenient way for Link to grow crops without having to personally take care of them.

This side quest allows you to use Uma’s expertise and take advantage of the fertile land near the school in Hateno Village. By giving Uma the task of farming, you can focus on other tasks and activities while still reaping the rewards of a bountiful harvest. Remember to check in with Uma periodically to see the progress of your crops and collect yields once they’re ready.

Remember, completing the Teach Me a Lesson II side quest is a prerequisite to starting Uma’s Garden. Once done, you can approach Uma and start working with her to create a lush garden in Hateno Village.

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