Where to Watch Nicole Kidman’s Expats? How to Watch Expats on Prime Video Stream Free?

You can watch Nicole Kidman’s Foreigner on Amazon Prime Video. The film premiered on January 26, 2024 and is available to stream on the platform. If you haven’t yet, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial to enjoy the show.


The Foreigner is a special drama that tells a fascinating story. It’s like a long movie but divided into smaller parts. The film is about a group of people from different countries living in Hong Kong. They celebrate their rich lifestyles, have strong friendships that may not last forever, and share their personal stories openly.

The series starts on January 26, 2024 and you can watch it on a service called Amazon Prime Video. It’s like having a ticket to a major online movie theater. The story begins with an unexpected thing that happened to Margaret’s youngest son during a nighttime adventure.

As the story unfolds, we get to know three American women – Margaret, Hilary and Mercy – and see how their lives are intertwined. It’s not just the secrets they keep but also how they deal with big changes in their lives.

Expat explores the idea of ​​blame and accountability when faced with major life events. It’s like taking a peek into the lives of these interesting characters and seeing how they overcome challenges and surprises.

The show is not just about drama; it also sheds light on the vibrant city of Hong Kong and the diverse experiences of the people living there. So if you like stories about friendship, secrets and unexpected twists, Foreigner might be just the show for you.

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Where to watch Nicole Kidman’s foreign movies?

You can watch Nicole Kidman’s Foreigner on Amazon Prime Video, a streaming platform. To access this series, you can visit the Amazon Prime Video website or use the Amazon Prime Video app on your smart TV, computer, tablet or mobile phone.

If you don’t already subscribe to Amazon Prime Video, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial, which will let you enjoy Alien and other exclusive content without any additional fees for the first month.

After signing up or during your free trial, you can navigate to the Alien series page on Amazon Prime Video. The series premieres on January 26, 2024 and the first two episodes will be available immediately.

After the initial release, new episodes will be made available weekly, every Friday. This means you can follow the ongoing story of Alien over several weeks, with the final episode set to be released on February 23, 2024. Amazon Prime Video offers a friendly streaming platform user-friendly, giving viewers the flexibility to watch the series as they please. convenience.

In short, to watch Nicole Kidman’s Foreigner, you need to go to Amazon Prime Video, sign up or get a free trial, and enjoy the series from the comfort of your preferred device. The streaming service offers a convenient and accessible way to dive into the compelling story of Alien and explore the many other movies and TV shows available in their vast library.

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The Foreigner is a drama set in Hong Kong and tells a compelling story. The film focuses on an unexpected and disturbing event: the disappearance of Margaret’s youngest son during an adventure in the night market. This mysterious incident sets the stage for a series of interconnected events that will profoundly impact the lives of the characters.

The film follows three Central American women in the story: Margaret, Hilary and Mercy. Nicole Kidman plays Margaret, who struggles with overwhelming feelings of guilt and grief following her son’s disappearance. Hilary, played by Sarayu Blue, navigates the complications of a broken marriage.

Ji-young Yoo plays Mercy, a young graduate student at Columbia who finds herself making a series of self-destructive choices. The story intertwines their secrets, emotional entanglements and deceptions against the backdrop of the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests in Hong Kong.

The third paragraph delves into the overarching theme of The Expatriate – the complex balance between blame and accountability. As the lives of these three women unfold, the series explores the consequences of their actions and choices.

Against the backdrop of public life, death, and marriage taking place within a close-knit expatriate community, Expatriate unfolds as a story about deeply human experiences and the challenges that individuals face. faced amid life-changing events.

Foreign actors



Nicole Kidman

Margaret Woo

Green Sarayu

Hilary Starr

Ji Young Yoo

Mercy Cho

Brian Tee

Clarke Woo

Tiana Gowen

Daisy Woo

Bodhi del Rosario

Philip Woo

Ruby Ruiz


Amelyn Pardenilla


Jack Houston

David Starr

Flora Chan

Olivia Chu

Bonde Sham


Will Be Good

Tony, a protester

Grace Wong


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alien episode



Original air date



January 26, 2024



January 26, 2024



February 2, 2024



February 9, 2024



February 16, 2024



February 23, 2024

Foreigner trailer

How to watch Foreigner on Prime Video Stream for free?

  • To watch Alien on Prime Video for free, interested viewers can take advantage of the platform’s 30-day free trial.

  • If you haven’t already, you can sign up and access the first two episodes as soon as the series premieres on January 26, 2024.

  • Subsequent episodes air every Friday, with the final episode scheduled for February 23, 2024.

  • This trial period allows users to explore not only Alien but also other exclusive movies, TV series, and additional content available on Amazon Prime Video, making this a streaming experience comprehensive online.

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