Who are Arijan Ademi Parents? Meet Taxhidin Ademi and Zedie Ademi

Who are Arijan Ademi’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Arijan Ademi’s Parents along with Arijan Ademi biography. Arijan Ademi is a Footballer.
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Who are Arijan Ademi’s Parents?

So who are Arijan Ademi’s Parents? According to our research, Arijan Ademi’s Parents are Taxhidin Ademi and Zedie Ademi. Arijan Ademi is an Footballer born on 29 May 1991.

Real NameArijan Ademi
Date of birth29 May 1991
Age32 years old
Height183 cm, 6 feet 0 inches
Weight(174 lbs) 79 kg
Birth PlaceSibenik, Croatia
NationalityCroatian, Macedonian
Zodiac SignGemini

Taxhidin Ademi

Zedie Ademi

Who is Arijan Ademi?

Arijan Ademi is a notable footballer known for his contributions to the sport as a talented midfielder. Born on May 29, 1991, in Struga, Macedonia, his journey in football has been marked by dedication and impressive achievements.

Ademi’s career began to take shape in the youth ranks of local Macedonian clubs, and his exceptional skills soon caught the attention of scouts. He made his professional debut with Dinamo Zagreb, one of Croatia’s premier football clubs, in 2010. His time with Dinamo Zagreb was highly successful, and he played a crucial role in the team’s midfield.

One of the defining moments in Ademi’s career came when he joined the North Macedonia national team. His performances on the international stage have showcased his prowess as a midfielder and his ability to contribute both defensively and offensively.

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However, Ademi’s journey has not been without challenges. He faced a suspension for a doping violation in 2015 but returned to the sport with determination and resilience, continuing to make significant contributions to his teams.

Arijan Ademi Age

Arijan Ademi is 32 years old. He was born on May 29, 1991, in the picturesque town of Struga, located in North Macedonia. As he enters his early thirties, Ademi’s experience and skill on the football pitch continue to shine, making him a valuable asset to his teams and an inspiration to aspiring players.

Ademi’s birthplace, Struga, is situated near Lake Ohrid and is known for its natural beauty. Growing up in this scenic region likely played a role in shaping his love for the sport and nurturing his footballing talents.

At the age of 32, Arijan Ademi’s optimism and determination remain unwavering. He continues to make valuable contributions to his teams, both at the club and international levels, and his dedication to the sport serves as a testament to his enduring passion for football.

Arijan Ademi Height and Weight

Arijan Ademi, the accomplished footballer, possesses a height of approximately 6 feet 0 inches (183 cm) and maintains a weight (174 lbs) of 79 kg that aligns with the physical demands of his position as a midfielder. While specific details about his exact weight may vary over time due to the rigorous training and match demands of professional football, his physique remains consistent with the requirements of the sport.

Ademi’s height of 6 feet 0 inches provides him with a valuable physical presence on the field, allowing him to excel in various aspects of the game, including aerial duels and his ability to cover ground effectively. His weight, which is optimized for performance, ensures that he maintains the agility and stamina necessary to navigate the dynamic and fast-paced nature of football.

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Physical Attributes



183 cm (6 Feet 0 Inches)


(174 lbs) 79 kg

Arijan Ademi Nationality 

Arijan Ademi is a professional footballer hailing from the Republic of North Macedonia. His nationality is unquestionably Macedonian, representing the small but football-passionate nation in international competitions.

As a Macedonian national, Ademi has proudly donned the jersey of the North Macedonia national football team, showcasing his skills and dedication on the international stage. His performances in the national colors have made him a source of pride for Macedonian football enthusiasts and a symbol of the country’s footballing talent.

Arijan Ademi Career

Arijan Ademi, a professional footballer renowned for his versatility as a midfielder, currently plies his trade with the Chinese Super League outfit Beijing Guoan, in addition to representing the North Macedonia national team.

Born on May 29, 1991, in Šibenik, Croatia, Ademi’s football journey commenced at HNK Šibenik, where he made his senior debut in 2008. His talent quickly attracted attention, leading to a move to Dinamo Zagreb in 2010. At Dinamo Zagreb, Ademi established himself as a formidable force, amassing over 200 appearances and clinching an impressive seven league titles and four Croatian Cups.

Ademi’s football pedigree extends to the international stage. He initially represented Croatia at youth levels and was a pivotal member of the squad that secured victory in the 2012 UEFA European Under-19 Championship. Subsequently, he made his senior international debut for Croatia in 2013, earning more than 30 caps for the national team.

Known for his versatility, Ademi possesses exceptional passing abilities, vision, dribbling skills, and goal-scoring prowess, accumulating over 50 career goals. As a cornerstone player for Dinamo Zagreb and the North Macedonia national team, his talent and potential promise to elevate his career to even greater heights.

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