Who Are Carolyn And Eugene Slattery? Meet Karen Slattery Parents

Carolyn and Eugene Slattery, Karen’s parents, were heartbroken by their daughter’s death. The horrible killings of two innocent women, Karen Slattery and Georgianna Worden, devastated the calm villages of Delray Beach and Boca Raton in Florida in 1984.

Duane Owen’s horrible actions sent shockwaves across the area, destroying families and gripping the population in terror. These sad events are now being re-lined as part of The Palm Beach Post’s new True Crime series. In this article, we look at the tragic case of Karen Slattery, a 14-year-old babysitter, and the terrible effect her death had on her family and the community.

Karen Slattery’s Parents: Carolyn and Eugene Slattery

Carolyn and Eugene Slattery, Karen’s parents, were dedicated to their daughter. Karen’s mother, Carolyn, and father, Eugene, adored her and had great expectations for her future. They recall her as a sweet and compassionate young lady with a natural desire to help others. Karen’s love was babysitting, and she excelled at it. She had a stellar reputation in the neighborhood as a reliable and trustworthy babysitter, making her in great demand.

Karen SlatteryKaren Slattery Sister

Parents trusted her with their children because they knew she would offer them exceptional care. Karen’s unexpected death has far-reaching consequences beyond her immediate family. Carolyn and Eugene were not alone in their grief, as the community grappled with the senseless murder that had taken the life of such a cherished and lively woman. Karen’s death served as a sharp reminder of life’s fragility and the ever-present fear of violence.

What Happened to Karen Slattery? Murder Investigation

Karen Slattery was babysitting a 7-year-old and a 3-year-old at a Delray Beach house on that tragic March night in 1984. Duane Owen, a cruel and deadly guy, was lurking in the darkness, unbeknownst to her. Owen broke into the home via a bedroom screen and approached Karen in the kitchen. The encounter’s details are unsettling and very upsetting. Karen managed to phone her mother about 10 p.m., but her dead corpse was discovered at 12:30 a.m. when the children’s parents arrived home. Owen had stabbed Karen 18 times cruelly before sexually abusing her. The revelation of Karen Slattery’s horrible murder shook the town to its core. Fear grabbed the parents, shattering their feeling of security.

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Karen Slattery’s Sister

Debbi Johnson is Karen Slattery’s sister and the family’s younger sibling. She was just eight years old when Karen was murdered in 1984. Debbi discussed her experiences and observations on her connection with her elder sister in an interview. Debbi Johnson admits that her recollections of Karen are limited owing to the passage of time and the emotional pain involved with her death.

She says how tough it is to look at family photographs since they bring back bittersweet memories of better days spent with her parents, elder brother, and Karen. Debbi, who now lives in Islamorada and works in law enforcement, has opted to save these images because she finds it difficult to relive the memories they carry.

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