Who are Chad Gable Parents? Meet Pete Betts and Pam Betts

Who are Chad Gable ‘s Parents? Check this article to know who are Chad Gable ‘s Parents along with Chad Gable biography. Chad Gable is a American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler.
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Who are Chad Gable’s Parents?

So who are Chad Gable ‘s Parents? According to our research, Chad Gable ‘s Parents are Pete Betts and Pam Betts. Chad Gable is an American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler born on March 8, 1986.

Real Name

Charles Edward Betts

Nick Name

Chad Gables

Date of birth

8 March 1986


37 years old


5 Feet 6 inches(173 cm)


92 kg (202 lbs)

Birth Place

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States




Northern Michigan University, St Michael-Albertville Public


American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler



Eye Colour


Hair Colour



Kristi Betts (m. 2011)

Kids/Children Name

Charles James Betts, Meadow Ann Betts


Pete Betts, Pam Betts

Who is Chad Gable?

Chad Gable, whose real name is Charles Betts, is a prominent professional wrestler hailing from the United States. Born on March 8, 1986, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Gable has made a significant impact in the world of sports entertainment, particularly in the realm of professional wrestling.Gable’s journey in the wrestling world began in amateur wrestling. He was a highly accomplished amateur wrestler and even competed in the 2012 Olympics, representing the United States.

His amateur wrestling background provided him with a solid foundation of technical wrestling skills that he would later bring to the professional wrestling arena.Chad Gable signed with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and was assigned to their developmental territory, NXT. It was there that he formed a successful tag team with fellow wrestler Jason Jordan, and together they became known as “American Alpha.”

They quickly rose to prominence, showcasing their incredible athleticism, charisma, and in-ring chemistry. American Alpha won the NXT Tag Team Championship and later the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.Chad Gable’s wrestling style is characterized by his exceptional technical prowess and high-energy performances.

He is known for his impressive amateur wrestling throws and submissions, earning him the nickname “The Wrestling Machine.” His dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with fans have made him a beloved figure in the wrestling community.Chad Gable has consistently delivered memorable matches and moments, and his talent continues to shine in WWE and other wrestling promotions.


Chad Gable Age

Chad Gable, the versatile professional wrestler, was born on March 8, 1986, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 2023, as he approaches his 37th birthday, it’s an opportune moment to reflect on the incredible journey he has embarked upon within the world of sports entertainment.

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Minneapolis, renowned for its rich wrestling tradition, holds a special place in Chad Gable’s heart, as it’s where his fervor for wrestling was initially kindled. From his early days as an amateur wrestler to his subsequent ascent as a celebrated WWE performer, Gable’s path has been characterized by unwavering dedication and unwavering perseverance.

As Chad Gable reaches the age of 37 in 2023, his years of tireless commitment and hard work are a testament to his craft. Throughout his career, he has consistently displayed remarkable wrestling prowess, enthralled audiences with his agility, and served as an inspiration to aspiring wrestlers worldwide.

Looking forward, there’s a palpable sense of optimism surrounding Chad Gable’s career. With each passing year, he continues to evolve as a performer, underscoring the notion that age holds no constraints in the realm of professional wrestling. Fueled by his enduring dedication and the spark that ignited in Minneapolis, his journey in sports entertainment promises to remain both captivating and inspirational for years to come.

Chad Gable Height and Weight

Chad Gable, the accomplished professional wrestler, stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (173 cm) and carries a weight of 92 kilograms (202 pounds). This combination of height and weight places him in a unique category within the world of wrestling, as he defies the traditional stereotypes associated with the industry.

Standing at 5’6″, Gable is notably shorter than many of his peers in the wrestling world. However, his relatively compact stature is more than compensated for by his incredible athleticism, technical prowess, and agility. These attributes have allowed him to excel in a variety of wrestling styles, making him a formidable opponent in the ring.

At 92 kilograms (202 pounds), Chad Gable’s weight is on the higher end of the spectrum for someone of his height. This additional mass provides him with a significant power advantage over his opponents, allowing him to execute impressive throws and maneuvers. It also contributes to his overall durability, enabling him to withstand the physical demands of the sport.

In essence, Chad Gable’s unique combination of height and weight has been a defining factor in his wrestling career. His ability to leverage his stature to his advantage, coupled with his exceptional skills, has solidified his reputation as one of the most dynamic and accomplished wrestlers in the industry, proving that success in wrestling is not solely determined by size, but by a combination of talent, technique, and determination.

Physical Attributes



5 Feet 6 inches(173 cm)


92 kg (202 lbs)


Chad Gable Nationality

Chad Gable, the renowned professional wrestler, proudly hails from the United States. His nationality is American, and he is a notable representative of the rich tapestry of wrestling talent that the United States has produced over the years.As an American wrestler, Gable has had the privilege of competing in various wrestling promotions, including WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), which is one of the largest and most influential wrestling organizations globally.

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His American nationality has allowed him to participate in the vibrant and diverse wrestling scene within the United States, where he has showcased his skills to a wide and enthusiastic fan base.Chad Gable’s American nationality reflects the country’s historical connection to professional wrestling, which has seen countless wrestlers from the United States rise to international stardom.

He is a testament to the ongoing legacy of American wrestling and the opportunities it provides for athletes to pursue their dreams on a global stage.Chad Gable’s nationality as an American wrestler is a fundamental part of his identity within the world of professional wrestling. It underscores the significance of the United States in the wrestling landscape and highlights the global appeal of American wrestling talent.

Chad Gable Career

  • 1986: Chad Gable is born on March 8, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

  • Amateur Wrestling Success: Gable’s wrestling journey begins in amateur wrestling, where he gains recognition for his skills and athleticism. His amateur background serves as the foundation for his future success in professional wrestling.

  • 2013: Chad Gable signs with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), marking a pivotal moment in his career. He joins the developmental territory, NXT, where many wrestlers hone their craft and prepare for the main roster.

  • Formation of “American Alpha” (2015): In NXT, Gable partners with Jason Jordan to form the tag team “American Alpha.” Their chemistry, technical proficiency, and in-ring talent quickly make them standouts in the wrestling world.

  • Tag Team Championships: “American Alpha” goes on to win both the NXT Tag Team Championship and later the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship. These achievements solidify their status as one of the top tag teams in WWE.

  • “The Wrestling Machine” Nickname: Chad Gable earns the nickname “The Wrestling Machine” due to his ability to seamlessly blend his amateur wrestling techniques into the world of professional wrestling. This reflects his mastery of the sport.

  • Singles Career Success: Beyond tag team success, Gable transitions to a singles career and consistently delivers exceptional matches. His adaptability and versatility as a performer make him a valuable asset in WWE.

  • Continued Dedication: Throughout his career, Chad Gable’s unwavering dedication and passion for wrestling serve as an inspiration to fans and aspiring wrestlers worldwide. He embodies the values of hard work and perseverance in the industry.

Chad Gable Ranking

Amateur Wrestling Rankings:

  • Minnesota State Wrestling Champion (2004): Gable’s high school wrestling career culminated with a state championship, marking him as one of the top wrestlers in Minnesota during that year.

  • World University Games Silver Medal (2006): His international amateur wrestling success at the World University Games in 2006 indicates that he was among the top collegiate-level wrestlers globally.

  • Pan-American Championships Gold Medal (2012): Winning a gold medal at the Pan-American Championships solidified his position as one of the top wrestlers in the Pan-American region.

  • U.S. Olympic Trials Champion (2012): Gable’s victory at the U.S. Olympic Trials further demonstrated his prominence in amateur wrestling, earning him a spot in the trials and showcasing his ranking among American wrestlers.

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Professional Wrestling Rankings:

  • Pro Wrestling Illustrated (2019): Gable was ranked No. 83 of the top 500 singles wrestlers in the PWI 500 in 2019. This ranking recognized his impact and performance in the world of professional wrestling.

  • Rolling Stone (2017): He was acknowledged as the “Most Promising Youngster of the Year” in 2017, highlighting his potential and promise as a rising star in the industry.

  • Wrestling Observer Newsletter:

    • Rookie of the Year (2015): Gable received recognition as the top newcomer in the wrestling world in 2015, reflecting his immediate impact.
    • Most Underrated (2019): Despite not always receiving the spotlight, he was acknowledged as one of the most underrated wrestlers in 2019.
    • Worst Gimmick (2019): Unfortunately, he also received recognition for a less favorable aspect, being named for the “Worst Gimmick” in 2019 when he was briefly referred to as “Shorty G” in WWE.

Chad Gable Achievement and Awards

Here are the lists of Chad Gable’s award winnings and nominations based on the provided information:

Championships and Accomplishments

Amateur Wrestling

  • Minnesota State Wrestling Champion (2004)
  • Minnesota State Wrestling 4th Place (2003)

International Medals

  • World University Games Silver Medal (2006)
  • Pan-American Championships Gold Medal (2012)
  • Gedza International Silver Medal (2012)
  • Pan-American Olympic Qualifier Silver Medal (2012)
  • Granma Cup Bronze Medal (2012)
  • Dave Schultz Memorial International Gold Medal (2012)

Olympic Games

  • U.S. Olympic Trials Champion (2012)

Professional Wrestling

  • One-time NXT Tag Team Champion
  • Two-time WWE Raw Tag Team Champion (with Bobby Roode and Otis)
  • One-time WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion (with Jason Jordan)

Awards and Recognitions

Pro Wrestling Illustrated

  • Ranked No. 83 of the Top 500 Singles Wrestlers in the PWI 500 (2019)

Rolling Stone

  • Most Promising Youngster of the Year (2017)

Wrestling Observer Newsletter

  • Rookie of the Year (2015)
  • Most Underrated (2019)
  • Worst Gimmick (2019) as Shorty G


  • NXT Tag Team Championship (1 time) with Jason Jordan
  • WWE Raw Tag Team Championship (2 times) with Bobby Roode (1) and Otis (1)
  • WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (1 time) with Jason Jordan

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