Who Are Chris Hahn And Jason Cohen From “Dated & Related”?

Dated and Related is Netflix’s newest dating series, in which siblings go on a quest to find love. The concert, which will be published in a few days, will contain 16 tracks at a magnificent home in the south of France. Chris Hahn and Jason Cohen are one such sibling combo. Dated and Related was dubbed the “worst embarrassing program ever” by Netflix when it was slated for release. The program will feature sibling pairings dating other sibling pairs. The difficult thing is that they will have to attempt to find love in front of their siblings. Drama and conflict are unavoidable in such circumstances.

Chris and Jason are cousins who are both 27 and from New Jersey. Chris works as a waiter and teacher, while Jason works as a lifeguard and instructor. While the Netflix series Dating and Related is slated to launch shortly, here’s all you need to know about the sibling combo.


Fact about the cousin-duo from “Dated & Related”

Chris Hahn lives for adventure.

Chris enjoys the feeling of excitement. When the Dated and Related candidate has spare time, he enjoys performing hobbies such as skateboarding, cliff jumping, and surfing. On his social media platforms, he often tweets about his trips.

Jason Cohen has a twin sibling and a Science degree.

Justin is Jason’s twin brother. In high school, he was a wrestler. Jason desired to further his study in Science after graduation and traveled to Philadelphia, where he attended Ursinus College and obtained a degree in Science.

Chris Hahn And Jason Cohen

Chris dabbled with real estate.

Chris, according to Celebs Week, has always had huge goals. He worked hard because he did not want to settle for less. The Dating and Related competitor dabbled with real estate, but it wasn’t for him. He eventually chose to go to Los Angeles. He is presently seeking for modeling work and teaches a variety of aquatic sports. According to Celebs Week, Chris is presently working on his first feature film after his participation in the Netflix program. Its specifics have yet to be revealed.

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Jason has around 4600 Instagram followers.

The Dated and Related competitor has 4,661 Instagram followers and has made 80 posts thus far. You can follow him on Twitter at @jasoncohenofficial. Jason also has his own fitness page, @jasoncohenfitness, with roughly 1100 followers. Jason posts a lot about his time out with friends and pics of him working out when he isn’t uploading naked pictures of himself. He has traveled extensively. Viewers may learn more about his journeys to Germany, Mexico, Aruba, and Amsterdam in his highlights.

Chris Hahn And Jason Cohen

Chris has around 2700 Instagram followers.

Chris has roughly 2751 followers on his Facebook profile despite just 31 postings. His most recent postings are on the upcoming Dated and Related series. He also uploads photos of himself surfing, working out, or just hanging around. Chris has also traveled extensively. He has visited Nicaragua, Germany, Poland, Hungary, France, the Netherlands, Vermont, and other places. Details regarding his travels may be found in his highlights. Jason and Chris both have a YouTube channel with 19 followers. It’s under the usernames, Jason Cohen and Chris Hahn.

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