Who are George Bello Parents? Meet Richard Bello and Obasi Bello

Who are George Bello’s Parents? Check this article to know who are George Bello’s Parents along with George Bello biography. George Bello is a American soccer player.

Who are George Bello’s Parents?

So who are George Bello’s Parents? According to our research, George Bello’s Parents are Richard Bello and Obasi Bello. George Bello is an American soccer player born on 22 January 2002.

Real Name

George Oluwaseun Bello

Nick Name


Date of birth

22 January 2002


21 years old


173 cm (5 Feet 8 inches)


75 kg (165 lbs)

Birth Place

Abuja, Nigeria




American soccer player




American, Nigerian


Richard Bello,Obasi Bello






Who is George Bello?

George Bello, born on January 22, 2002, is a prominent American soccer player whose career is marked by youthful promise and exceptional talent. Hailing from the United States, he has emerged as a key figure in the realm of professional soccer.Bello’s journey in the sport began at a young age, showcasing his passion for soccer and dedication to honing his skills. His career took shape in the youth academies of American clubs, setting the stage for his rapid ascent in the world of professional soccer.

George Bello is known for his versatility on the field, being equally adept as a left-back and left-midfielder. His ability to operate in different positions, coupled with his speed, technical prowess, and astute decision-making, has made him a valuable asset to the teams he has represented.

His early years in Major League Soccer (MLS) saw him wearing the colors of Atlanta United FC, and he quickly made a name for himself with impressive performances. His role as a young, dynamic player helped Atlanta United secure the MLS Cup in 2018, further solidifying his reputation.Bello’s accomplishments extend beyond club football. He has represented the United States at the youth international level, emphasizing his potential to contribute to the senior national team in the future.

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As a promising American soccer talent, George Bello represents the future of U.S. soccer. His journey reflects the growth and development of the sport in the country, and his dedication, skill, and youthful energy make him a symbol of hope for American soccer enthusiasts. With his career still in its early stages, the world eagerly awaits the heights he can reach and the impact he can make on the global soccer stage.


George Bello Age

As of now, George Bello, born on January 22, 2002, is a vibrant and promising 21-year-old American soccer sensation who represents the exciting future of the sport. Hailing from the United States, his journey in soccer has been a testament to youthful talent and dedication.Born in the dynamic soccer landscape of the United States, Bello’s career began with a sense of hope and aspiration.

At 21 years old, he stands at the cusp of his prime years in the sport, having already achieved remarkable success in his early career.Bello’s birthplace in the U.S. carries the legacy of American soccer, where the sport has been gaining momentum and nurturing a new generation of talents.

His birthdate, January 22, serves as a reminder of the day when a potential soccer star was welcomed into the world.The optimism surrounding George Bello’s age of 21 in 2023 is infectious. It represents a phase where his skills are maturing, his experiences are accumulating, and his potential is ready to blossom into something extraordinary.

As a young American athlete, his journey in soccer symbolizes the hope and excitement of a nation eager to make its mark on the global stage.The soccer world eagerly anticipates the chapters he’ll write in the years to come, and Bello’s journey promises to be one filled with achievements, excitement, and a lasting legacy in American soccer.

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George Bello Career

  • Age: 21: In 2023, George Bello is at a pivotal point in his career, marked by his youth and immense potential. This age represents the juncture where many soccer players begin to hit their stride.

  • Club: LASK: Bello currently plays for LASK, a professional soccer club. This move reflects his aspiration to test his skills in European football, a significant step in his career.

  • Position: Left Midfielder: Bello’s role on the field is as a left midfielder. This position combines the duties of a winger and midfielder, where his left foot provides an advantage in crossing and dribbling.

  • Height: 170 cm: Standing at 170 centimeters, Bello’s stature complements his position, offering a blend of agility and physicality necessary for a midfielder.

  • Preferred Foot: Left: Bello’s dominant foot is his left, a valuable asset for a left midfielder, as it provides precise deliveries and the ability to cut inside onto his stronger foot.

  • MLS Highlights: His early career was marked by 29 MLS appearances, of which he started 26 matches, accumulating an impressive 2,433 minutes of playing time. He also demonstrated his playmaking ability with three assists, showcasing his value to the team.

  • Youth Career: Bello’s journey began in the youth ranks, with significant spells at Southern Soccer Academy and Alpharetta Ambush. His time with these clubs contributed to his development as a player.

  • Shirt Number: 2: Bello dons the jersey number 2, a significant number in soccer that carries a sense of responsibility and opportunity, especially for a midfielder.

  • Market Value: €1.1M: This represents Bello’s market value, reflecting his worth in the soccer transfer market. It underscores his talent and potential.

  • Career Stats Sources: Bello’s career statistics are accessible through platforms like FotMob, Atlanta United FC, and Flashscore.com, providing insights into his performances, achievements, and market value.

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George Bello’s career is a tale of youthful promise, marked by significant MLS experience and a move to European football. His preferred position, impressive stats, and dedicated development from a young age make him a promising talent in American soccer with the potential for international recognition.

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