Who are Marouane Fellaini Parents? Meet Abdellatif Fellaini and Hafida Fellaini

Who are Marouane Fellaini’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Marouane Fellaini’s Parents along with Marouane Fellaini biography. Marouane Fellaini is a Belgian professional footballer.

Who are Marouane Fellaini’s Parents?

So who are Marouane Fellaini’s Parents? According to our research, Marouane Fellaini’s Parents are Abdellatif Fellaini and Hafida Fellaini. Marouane Fellaini is an Belgian professional footballer born on 22 November 1987 .

Real Name

Marouane Fellaini-Bakkioui 

Date of birth

  22 November 1987 


36 years old


194 cm, 6 feet 4 inches


85 kg (187 lbs)

Birth Place

Etterbeek, Belgium




Belgian professional footballer


Belgian, Moroccan


Abdellatif Fellaini

 Hafida Fellaini



Who is Marouane Fellaini?

Marouane Fellaini-Bakkioui, a prominent figure in Belgian football, boasts an illustrious career marked by his stature, versatility, and commanding presence on the field. Born on November 22, 1987, in Etterbeek to Moroccan parents, Fellaini’s journey in professional football embodies a diverse cultural background.

His early foray into football commenced in 1997 at Anderlecht, setting the foundation for his skill development. Notably, his youth career involved stints at several clubs including R.A.E.C. Mons, Royal Francs Borains, Charleroi, and Standard Liège, fostering his growth as a multifaceted player.

Fellaini made a significant mark in Manchester United’s history, netting 22 goals during his tenure with the prestigious English club. Presently, he plies his trade for Shandong Taishan, showcasing his prowess as a central midfielder adorned with the number 25 jersey.


Marouane Fellaini Age

As of now, Marouane Fellaini is 36 years old ( 22 November 1987)born in theEtterbeek, Belgium. Marouane Fellaini, a seasoned Belgian professional footballer, boasts a career marked by versatility and an imposing physical presence. Currently, he plies his trade as a midfielder for the Chinese club Shandong Luneng Taishan, showcasing his skills and strategic acumen in the Chinese football scene. His seasoned career embodies a wealth of experience and adaptability, contributing significantly to the game both domestically and on the international stage.

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Marouane Fellaini Nationality

Marouane Fellaini holds dual nationality, with roots tracing back to Belgium and Morocco. Born in Etterbeek, Belgium, on November 22, 1987, Fellaini embodies a rich cultural heritage stemming from his Moroccan parental lineage while being raised and nurtured within the Belgian societal milieu. This dual heritage has contributed to the multi-faceted aspects of his identity, making him a representative figure of both Belgian and Moroccan backgrounds.

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