Who are Will Fries Parents? Meet Harold Fries and Maureen Fries

Who are Will Fries’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Will Fries’s Parents along with Will Fries biography. Will Fries is a American football player.

Who are Will Fries’s Parents?

So who are Will Fries’s Parents? According to our research, Will Fries’s Parents are Harold Fries and Maureen Fries. Will Fries is an American football player born on 4 April 1998.

Real NameWilliam Connor Fries
Nick NameWill Fries
Date of birth4 April 1998
Age25 years old
Height198 cm, 6 feet 6 inches
Weight309 lbs (140 kg)
Birth PlaceStaten Island, New York, United States
ProfessionAmerican football player

Harold Fries

Maureen Fries


Who is Will Fries?

Will Fries is a promising American football player whose career has been marked by dedication and determination. Born on 4 April 1998, in Cranford, New Jersey, he hails from a town known for its passion for sports. Fries attended Penn State University, where he made a name for himself as an offensive lineman. His exceptional skills, work ethic, and leadership qualities soon earned him recognition both within his team and the broader football community.

Fries displayed remarkable versatility on the field, being able to play multiple positions along the offensive line, making him a valuable asset for his team. His commitment to excellence extended beyond the gridiron as he excelled academically, earning Academic All-Big Ten honors during his college years.

In the 2021 NFL Draft, Will Fries was selected by the Indianapolis Colts, realizing his lifelong dream of playing in the NFL. His journey serves as an inspiration to young athletes aspiring to succeed in the world of professional football. With his dedication and talent, Will Fries is undoubtedly a rising star to watch as he continues to make strides in his NFL career.

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Will Fries Age

As of now, Will Fries is 25 years old (born 4 April 1998), in the vibrant town of Cranford, New Jersey. As he enters his mid-20s, Fries continues to showcase his skills and passion for American football as a promising player in the NFL. His birthplace, Cranford, has always been a source of pride for him, and he carries that pride with him as he represents his hometown and team on the field.

Fries’s age reflects not only his chronological growth but also the maturity and experience he has gained as a professional athlete. With each passing year, he evolves both as a player and as a person, setting new goals and striving for excellence in the sport he loves. As he celebrates another year of life, fans and supporters eagerly anticipate the exciting contributions he will make to his team in the upcoming NFL season.

Will Fries Height and Weight

Will Fries stands at a formidable height and boasts an athletic build that complements his role as an offensive lineman. At approximately 6 feet 6 inches (198 cm) tall and weighing in at around 309 lbs (140 kg), his physical presence on the field is undeniable. These measurements are well-suited to his position, where strength, agility, and size are essential attributes.

His height allows him to effectively protect the quarterback and create openings for running backs, while his weight provides the necessary anchor against opposing defensive linemen. Fries’s dedication to maintaining his physical conditioning and strength is evident in his ability to excel in the demanding world of professional American football. His imposing stature, combined with his technical skills, positions him as a valuable asset on the offensive line and a force to be reckoned with in the NFL.

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Physical Attributes



198 cm (6 Feet 6 Inches)


309 lbs (140 kg)

Will Fries Nationality 

Will Fries’s nationality is American. He was born and raised in the United States, specifically in Cranford, New Jersey. As an American football player, his nationality is closely tied to his career and identity.

Being American, Fries has had the privilege of growing up in a country with a deep-rooted passion for American football. From a young age, he likely experienced the excitement and enthusiasm that surrounds the sport in communities across the nation. This environment played a crucial role in shaping his interest and eventual pursuit of a career in football.

As an American, Fries represents not only his team but also the larger football-loving community in the United States. The NFL, as one of the most popular sports leagues in the country, allows him to showcase his talent and athleticism on a national stage, making him a source of pride for fans and supporters across the nation. His nationality serves as a reminder of the rich tradition of American football and the opportunities it provides to talented athletes like Will Fries.

Will Fries Career

Will Fries currently serves as the Cincinnati Bengals’ American football center in the National Football League (NFL). His journey to the NFL began with college football at Penn State University, where he earned recognition as a two-time All-Big Ten Conference selection.

Hailing from Camp Hill, Pennsylvania, Fries was immersed in sports excellence from a young age. At Cumberland Valley High School, he not only achieved two-time All-State recognition in football but also stood out as a successful wrestler, securing a state championship in his senior year.

Amid offers from prestigious college football programs, Fries chose to don the Penn State jersey. After redshirting his freshman year in 2016, he quickly ascended to the Nittany Lions’ starting lineup, notably as a center for the latter part of the 2017 season.

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In 2018, Fries solidified his role as a starter, contributing to Penn State’s impressive 10-3 season and a No. 10 ranking in the Associated Press Top 25 poll. The following year, he assumed the role of team captain, continuing his consistent performance as a starter and helping the Nittany Lions to an 11-2 record and a No. 9 ranking in the AP Top 25 poll.

Following his junior season, Fries declared for the 2020 NFL Draft, eventually being selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the seventh round, 241st overall. Despite a brief stint on injured reserve in 2020, Fries made his NFL debut that year.

In 2021, he returned to the Bengals, clinching the starting center position and contributing to an offense that led the NFL in passing yards per game. The Bengals concluded the season with a playoff berth, marking a significant milestone for the franchise.

With Fries’s blend of toughness, athleticism, and football IQ, he has emerged as one of the NFL’s prominent centers. As a vital component of the Bengals’ offensive line, he is expected to play a pivotal role in the team’s future successes. His accomplishments include being named a two-time All-Big Ten Conference selection in college (2018, 2019), serving as a team captain at Penn State in 2019, and starting all 17 games for the Bengals in 2021 while helping lead the league in passing yards per game. Will Fries is undoubtedly a rising star in the world of American football.


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