Who are Zack De La Rocha Parents? Meet Robert de la Rocha and Olivia Lorryne Carter

Who are Zack De La Rocha’s Parents? Check this article to know who are Zack De La Rocha’s Parents along with Zack De La Rocha biography. Zack De La Rocha is a American musician, singer, songwriter, rapper.
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Who are Zack De La Rocha Parents?

So who are Zack De La Rocha  Parents? According to our research, Zack De La Rocha Parents are Robert de la Rocha, Olivia Lorryne Carter. Zack De La Rocha is an American musician, singer, songwriter, rapper, and political activist. born on 12 January 1970.

Real Name

Zacharias Manuel de la Rocha

Date of birth

12 January 1970


53 years old


5 Feet 10 Inches (178 cm)

Birth Place

Long Beach, California, United States




American musician, singer, songwriter, rapper



Hair Colour



Robert de la Rocha, Olivia Lorryne Carter

zodiac sign


Who is Zack De La Rocha?

Zack De La Rocha is a prominent figure in the realm of music and activism, known primarily as the former lead vocalist and lyricist of the influential rock band Rage Against the Machine. Born on January 12, 1970, in Long Beach, California, De La Rocha’s life has been characterized by a passion for social justice and a unique ability to channel that fervor into his art.

De La Rocha’s musical journey began when he co-founded Rage Against the Machine in 1991. The band’s fusion of rock, rap, and funk elements, coupled with De La Rocha’s powerful, politically charged lyrics, created a groundbreaking sound that challenged societal norms and provoked thought. Songs like “Killing in the Name” and “Bulls on Parade” became anthems of resistance and rebellion.

What sets De La Rocha apart is his unwavering commitment to activism. He has been a vocal advocate for various social and political causes, from labor rights to immigration reform. His lyrics often touch on themes of inequality, systemic oppression, and the abuse of power. His ability to seamlessly blend these themes with the band’s music has made him an iconic figure in the world of protest music.

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De La Rocha has collaborated with artists like DJ Shadow and Run the Jewels, continuing to use his platform to address social issues. Despite periods of hiatus, his influence endures, and he remains an emblematic figure in the fight for justice and equality, showcasing the transformative power of music as a tool for change. Zack De La Rocha’s legacy as a musician and activist continues to inspire generations to challenge the status quo and strive for a more just and equitable world.


Zack De La Rocha Age

Zack De La Rocha, the iconic musician and activist, is now 53 years old, having been born on January 12, 1970, in the vibrant city of Long Beach, California, United States. With each passing year, he continues to be a beacon of inspiration and hope for countless individuals around the world.

De La Rocha has shown an unwavering commitment to the causes he is passionate about, using his musical talents and lyrical prowess to address social injustices and advocate for positive change. As he enters his 50s, one can only imagine the wisdom and insight he has gained from his decades of activism and artistic expression.

De La Rocha’s enduring presence in the world of music and his dedication to social and political issues are a testament to the enduring power of art to drive positive transformation. It is heartening to think about the continued impact he will undoubtedly have in the years to come, as he remains a force for optimism and progress in an ever-changing world.

Zack De La Rocha Height

Zack De La Rocha, the renowned musician and activist, stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches, which is approximately 178 centimeters. While physical attributes like height may seem trivial in the context of his impactful career and passionate advocacy for social justice, they can offer insight into his presence and stage persona.

At 5’10” (178 cm), De La Rocha possesses an average height, which has proven to be advantageous during his time as the lead vocalist of Rage Against the Machine. Onstage, his commanding stage presence and dynamic performances have captivated audiences worldwide. His height, combined with his powerful voice and energetic stage demeanor, have contributed to the band’s electrifying live shows.

Although his height may not be the most defining aspect of his identity, it is a characteristic that complements his musical prowess and charismatic presence, contributing to his iconic status as a frontman and an influential figure in both the music industry and the realm of activism.

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Physical Attributes



5 Feet 10 Inches (178 cm)

Zack De La Rocha  Nationality 

Zack De La Rocha’s nationality is American. He was born in Long Beach, California, United States, on January 12, 1970. As a U.S. citizen, he has been deeply connected to the sociopolitical landscape of his home country throughout his life. De La Rocha’s American nationality has played a significant role in shaping his activism and musical career.

His lyrics often reflect the challenges and injustices he perceives within American society, addressing issues such as inequality, racial discrimination, and political corruption. His band, Rage Against the Machine, became known for its unapologetic critique of American policies and its commitment to advocating for change.

De La Rocha’s American identity has also influenced his advocacy work on topics like immigration reform and labor rights, where he has consistently engaged with American institutions to promote social justice. Zack De La Rocha’s nationality as an American has deeply informed his artistic and activist endeavors, allowing him to be a prominent voice for change within the United States and beyond.


Zack De La Rocha  Career

  • Zack de la Rocha is a multi-talented American musician, poet, rapper, and activist.
  • He gained widespread recognition as the lead vocalist and lyricist for the influential rap metal band, Rage Against the Machine.
  • De la Rocha served as Rage Against the Machine’s vocalist during two significant periods: from 1991 to 2000 and then again after the band’s reunion in 2007 until their final show in 2011.
  • His career took off in 1991 when he began performing hip hop and freestyle in local venues, catching the attention of guitarist Tom Morello.
  • Together with Morello and other members, they formed Rage Against the Machine, known for their hard-hitting music style and potent political messages, making them one of the most impactful bands of the 1990s.
  • In addition to Rage Against the Machine, De la Rocha has been part of various other bands, including Hard Stance, Inside Out, and One Day as a Lion.
  • In 2008, he co-founded One Day as a Lion alongside Jon Theodore.
  • De la Rocha’s net worth is estimated at $25 million, and his work is often associated with left-wing politics, where he passionately opposes corporate America, the military-industrial complex, and government oppression.
  • His career has not only left an indelible mark on the music industry but has also made him a prominent voice for social and political activism, using his music as a powerful platform for change.
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Zack De La Rocha Top 10 Songs

Sleep Now in the Fire

  • Known for its powerful opening screams and Tom Morello’s compelling guitar work.
  • The lyrics continue the band’s criticism of humanity’s greed and colonization.

Bulls on Parade

  • Features one of the most iconic guitar riffs in music history.
  • Offers a scathing critique of the American military-industrial complex during the turn of the millennium.

Born of a Broken Man

  • De la Rocha’s most personal song with Rage Against the Machine.
  • Explores his complex relationship with his father, adding a deeply emotional layer to their music.

Guerrilla Radio

  • A high-energy track with a compelling rhythm that drives home the band’s political message.
  • Known for its catchy chorus and rebellious spirit.

Wake Up

  • A powerful song that incorporates elements of rock and rap seamlessly.
  • Tackles themes of social injustice and the need for awakening and change.


  • An anthem of defiance with aggressive vocals and a relentless guitar-driven sound.
  • Lyrics embody the band’s relentless fight against oppression.

Know Your Enemy

  • A collaboration with Maynard James Keenan of Tool.
  • Features a blend of intense vocals and powerful instrumentation, conveying the band’s message of resistance.

Down Rodeo

  • Combines funky basslines with de la Rocha’s fiery lyrics.
  • Explores issues of class struggle and inequality.

No Shelter

  • Featured on the soundtrack for the movie “Godzilla.”
  • Emphasizes the band’s critique of media manipulation and corporate control.

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