Who Is Art Schlichter Wife? Meet Mitzi Shinaver: Relationship And Wiki Explore

Mitzi Shinaver is best known as the ex-wife of Art Schlichter, a controversial former American football player. During their nine-year marriage, the couple went through many challenges and eventually broke up. They welcomed two children, both of whom Mitzi raised herself. Art’s gambling and illegal activities caused havoc in their marriage. Currently, the football player’s ex-wife is living a quiet life with her second husband and children.

Art Schlichter (born Arthur Ernest Schlichter) is a former NFL player who played for the Indianapolis Colts. During his time in the NFL, Schlichter was unable to maintain regular playing time due to his gambling problems. He sought to continue his career in other leagues and had some success. However, his chronic gambling problem continued to haunt him. Despite his soccer skills, Schlichter’s gambling addiction slowed his career and prevented him from reaching his full potential.

Art Schlichter’s wife, Mitzi Shinaver

Mitzi Shinaver, Art Schlichter’s ex-wife, is an American citizen, now probably in her fifties. She has a private background, revealing no information about her parents, siblings or educational history. Mitzi is best known as the wife of former football star Art; However, her marriage encountered significant obstacles. Mitzi lives a reclusive life and rarely appears in public, not wanting to reveal anything about her history on social networks.

Schlichter art

She stays away from social networks and focuses on her family. Although her occupation and net worth are not made public, there are speculations that she is currently active in the real estate industry.

Married life and children

Art is addicted to gambling and he married his long-time lover, Mitzi, to conquer his addiction. They had a grand wedding in 1989 and immediately moved to Las Vegas. However, this former football player could not control his gambling addiction and began stealing things from his house and family. Mitzi asserted in an interview that she never gave Schlichter permission to have the checkbook. She also said that she had misplaced all the money in her bag.

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Schlichter art

She lost patience and left home with their two children, Taylor and Madison, to live in Indiana. Art convinced them to return, and the family moved back to Las Vegas in 1994, planning to live a normal life. Unfortunately, he disappointed Mitzi, causing her to leave him forever. She returned to Indiana with her family, focusing on taking care of her daughters. Mitzi is said to have remarried Mr. Subrin. Although she went through many trials and tribulations as Art’s wife, she is now living a happy life with her family.

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