Who is Brent Rivera Dating? Who is His Girlfriend?

Who is Brent Rivera dating? We delve into his dating history, focusing on American media personality Brent Rivera’s relationship with social media influencer Pierson Wodzynski. Don’t miss the buzz – sign up for Fresherslive now! From breaking celebrity news to insightful movie reviews, be the first to know and participate in the ever-evolving entertainment scene at Fresherslive.

Who is Brent Rivera?

Brent Rivera is an American actor and social media personality who is highly regarded for his video hosting service Vine. He has a huge following on Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok. Rivera co-founded and is currently the CEO of Amp Studios, a talent incubator and content team that hit a major milestone in 2020. During that time, Amp Studios generated a staggering number of numbers. 10 billion social media views per month.

With a strong focus on nurturing talent and producing engaging content, Amp Studios has established itself as a standout in the industry. Under Rivera’s leadership, the company successfully created a platform that captured audiences and harnessed the power of social media to reach unprecedented viewership. The impressive track record of accumulating billions of monthly views shows the effectiveness of Amp Studios’ approach and cements their leadership position in the world of digital content creation.


Who is Brent Rivera dating?

He is currently dating his beautiful girlfriend, Pierson Wodzynski. As of 2022, Brent Rivera is currently in a relationship with Pierson Wodzynski, an American social media influencer born on February 18, 1999. Pierson has gained considerable popularity on TikTok, where she can Show off your talents through dance, lip-syncing and performing arts videos. Her entertaining content has resonated with audiences and helped her gain popularity on the platform.

Those hoping to pursue a romantic relationship with Brent may need to reconsider their plans. According to sources, Brent has been romantically involved with YouTuber Pierson Wodzynski since 2020. Pierson’s early success on TikTok paved the way for her career to flourish, leading to multiple brand partnerships, in that has a relationship with Colgate. The path of Brent and Pierson met on the set of a dating show called “Date Takeover”.

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Pierson joined as a contestant in one of the episodes of the show, where Lexi, Brent’s sister, had the role of choosing who would date Brent. In the end, Pierson became the winner and was introduced to Brent’s group of friends. The connection between Brent and Pierson shows the potential to form real relationships in the realm of social media and online platforms.


Who is Pierson Wodzynski?

Pierson Wodzynski is an American Tiktok star. Pierson Wodzynski is a popular American TikTok star known for his entertaining and versatile content, including humorous sketches, lip-syncing performances, dance videos, and mischievous pranks. Her popularity extends beyond TikTok, as she actively interacts with her audience on various social networking platforms, such as Instagram, YouTube, etc.

With his exceptional talent and charming looks, Pierson has amassed more than 13.2 million fans on TikTok alone. On Instagram, she shares modeling photos that have attracted the attention of her more than 2.7 million followers. In addition to her personal efforts, Pierson also collaborates with Amp Studios, a talent incubator and content team co-founded by her gossip partner, Brent Rivera. This collaboration further showcases her creativity and versatility across different mediums.

Pierson’s influence extends to YouTube, where she has amassed a significant following with over 2.91 million subscribers on her eponymous channel. On her YouTube platform, she shares a variety of content, including unboxing videos, prank videos, and engaging vlogs. Through her YouTube channel, Pierson initially gained recognition, which eventually led to her becoming famous for her entertaining TikTok videos.

Pierson Wodzynski was born on February 18, 1999 in California, she grew up with her younger brother, Logan Wodzynski, who is also involved in content creation. Their mother, Karin Widzynski, occasionally appears in their videos, adding a familiar touch to their online presence. Together, Pierson and her brother form a creative and dynamic duo that captivate audiences with their engaging and easy-to-understand content.

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Are Brent and Pierson dating?

Those wishing to pursue a romantic relationship with Brent may need to rethink their plans. Reliable sources have reported that Brent has been in a committed relationship with YouTuber Pierson Wodzynski since 2020. Initially, Pierson gained recognition and fame for her glamorous dance and lip sync videos on TikTok. . Her talent and charm have fueled her career, leading to numerous brand partnerships, including a notable collaboration with Colgate.

According to the same sources, Brent and Pierson’s paths met on a dating show called “Date Takeover,” where Lexi, Brent’s sister, took on the role of picking potential dates for him. It was during this performance that Pierson became the chosen one, attracting the attention and affection of Brent. Their relationship has blossomed since then and they have been romantically involved for a while. This relationship was well documented and acknowledged in their respective circles.

Fans and followers have witnessed their journey together, as Brent and Pierson navigate both their personal and professional lives. For those who might hold out hope of winning Brent’s heart, it seems that he and Pierson have forged a strong bond, leaving little room for alternative romantic goals.


Who has Brent Rivera dated before?

Brent has been romantically involved with various social media influencers over time. According to sources, Brent and Morgan Justus began their relationship in June 2017. Unfortunately, their relationship was short-lived and they decided to end their relationship in October of the same year. . Oddly enough, there is little information regarding the specific reasons behind the breakup between Brent and Morgan.

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Given their brief time together, there could be many factors that contributed to their decision to break up. Interestingly, Brent and Morgan are not currently following each other on social media platforms. After being single for a while, Brent finally started dating Eva in 2019. Oddly enough, their relationship got off to a somewhat precarious start. Sources reveal that Brent and Eva collaborated on YouTube content as friends in 2016.

During this time, it became clear to Brent that Eva had romantic feelings for him, and he often flirted with her playfully. Unfortunately, Eva grew tired of Brent allegedly leading her on without formalizing their relationship. Realizing that continuing to joke was harmful to their friendship, Brent and Eva decided to stop creating content together in early 2018.

However, in a video released later in 2018, Brent expressed his longing for Eva and expressed his desire for the chance for a romantic relationship. They then started a relationship in 2019 but eventually decided to split up in 2020. Unlike the current situation between Brent and Morgan, Brent and Eva are still best friends. They continued to follow and support each other on social media, maintaining a supportive relationship even though their romantic relationship ended.

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