Who Is Caly Bevier From “AGT: All Stars 2023”?

The launch of AGT: All Stars 2023 is scheduled for January. The event aims to revive the spectacular performances that have previously appeared on the AGT stage and leave the judges and audience alike in awe. Dancers, singers, aerialists, acrobats and other performers will be included in the future series. Caly Bevier, who first debuted on AGT season 11, is one of the confirmed artists to feature on the show. The singer was diagnosed with stage three ovarian cancer when she was 15 years old. AGT: All Stars will premiere on NBC on December 2, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

Meet Caly Bevier before her appearance on AGT: All Stars.

Caly first debuted on AGT in season 11, reaching the semi-finals. She debuted in episode 4 with a version of Rachel Platten’s Fight Song, which probably won the show’s hardest golden bell, by Simon Cowell. During her semi-final segment, she said that there were times when she simply lay on the hospital bed and wondered if she would make it through. She went on to say that she was not the only young person to be treated there and that she had befriended several others, although not all of them survived.

She continued:

“I was one of the lucky ones to get out, and it was a bit difficult.”

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Caly was in remission for a year at the time of the audition; she’s going back to the hospital to be there for the other kids, and she’s seen in the tape spending time with young cancer patients. Howie Mandel likened her look to Audrey Hepburn during her audition, prompting a future AGT: All Stars competitor to tell her story. She goes to the concert to teach others that no matter what they’ve been through, they should “keep chasing” their aspirations.

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All the judges gave her a standing ovation, and Simon gave her a thumbs up before handing her the Golden Whistle. In the quarterfinals, she sang Sara Bareilla’s Brave to a standing ovation by Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Simon Cowell. She made it to the semi-finals, where she sang Human by Christina Perri. Her performance inspired the judges to once again support her. However, her AGT quest ended because she didn’t attract enough votes to make it to the final round.

Caly discussed her AGT adventures in 2021 in a follow-up discussion with The Dynamic. She recalls stepping on stage and feeling as if all her vocals led to that moment.

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She continued:

“When I heard the first note through the loudspeaker, I sang with all my might. Then everything turned white. I was exactly where I needed to be. That moment made me understand how much I love being on stage. Until that time, as I said, my voice is only for myself. I don’t know how it would feel to share it with thousands of people.”

AGT: All Stars’ next opponent revealed that it took her a second to understand Simon’s decision to ring the golden bell and see promise in her performance. Caly will now compete on AGT: All Stars 2023 in an attempt to win the grand prize. Tune in to NBC and Peacock on December 2 at 8 p.m. ET.

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