Who Is Cristina Rae From “America’s Got Talent: All Stars 2023”?

America’s Got Talent: All Stars 2023, the newest season of America’s Got Talent, is scheduled to begin on NBC on Monday, January 2, 2023. The new spinoff will include the previous season’s winners, finalists, fan favorites, and viral phenomena. Cristina Rae, the singing superstar of America’s Got Talent season 15, is a contender to keep an eye on this season. Her followers know well that she has a beautiful voice that captivates them, but only a few know that she previously lived in her car. The show will be a great way to start the new year with your favorite artists from previous AGT seasons and will give you another season to remember.

Cristina Rae from America’s Got Talent: All Stars 2023 performed at New York’s Apollo Theater.

Cristina Rae is a singer, businesswoman and mother of a newborn boy from Nashville, Tennessee. Since Nashville’s music industry was primarily country music, she moved to Atlanta to pursue music and broaden her horizons. She crossed many bridges on her way to becoming a household name in the music world. Cristina has acted in many Off-Broadway productions and has also performed at New York’s Apollo Theatre.

Her road to America’s Got Talent has been tough, and she’s faced a number of challenges, including lack of support from her family, living in her truck, and homelessness. She revealed in an interview with Conversations With Chan:

“Homelessness is a significant challenge for me. While homeless, I traveled during my pregnancy. That incident taught me how tough I can be. Every concert, I would leave to drive my Ford Explorer or go to a friend’s house, and no one would realize that me and my kids were homeless.

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She went on to say that, despite every reason to give up on herself and her baby, she realized that, when told she would never have children, this was an opportunity to She became the best mother of her son.

Cristina continued:

“Whether you are homeless or not. I know and still believe that everything will be okay. All that I wished for my children and myself has now come true. It’s not just a feeling, and with my best efforts, I will make those aspirations come true.”

She auditioned for Season 15 of America’s Got Talent and made her debut in the third episode. Cristina Rae auditioned by singing Phil Collins’s song In The Air Tonight. When Simon asked her to sing another song, she chose The Rolling Stones’ Gimme Shelter. After being moved by Cristina’s performance, Heidi Klum won the Golden Whistle, sending her through to the Quarterfinals.

Cristina Rae’s Semi-Final Performance includes the song Jump from the movie STEP. Cristina Rae sang Imagine Dragons’ Demons during the season 15 finale of America’s Got Talent. Cristina Rae sang Lose Somebody alongside OneRepublic’s Ryan Tedder during the show’s ending on episode 22. Cristina came in third in the overall chart, below Brandon Leake and Broken Roots but ahead of Roberta Battaglia and Alan Silva.

Cristina’s life after appearing on America’s Got Talent season 15

Cristina has been through a lot over the years, but she never gave up. She takes pleasure in her ability to stay calm when forced. She released her own songs and started her entrepreneurial adventure with her company @savagebabecollection. She has many ambitions to achieve in the future. She stated:

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“I want to have multiple sources of income. I want to own and invest in real estate. People I’ve been imagining for the past six years. I want to start building generations of wealth for my family.”

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One of the singer’s personal goals is to own a beach house as well as a fun trip. She said it would happen to her. All Stars, AGT’s new spin-off, will introduce the series of viral superstars that fans enjoyed watching in previous seasons. Fans can discover more about the show by following America’s Got Talent on social media and learning more exclusive information about their favorite nominees. America’s Got Talent: All-Stars premieres on NBC and Peacock on January 2, 2023, at 8 p.m. ET.

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