Who is Harry Jowsey Dating? Is Rylee Arnold Dating Harry Jowsey?

Harry Jowsey, known for his fame on Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle,” faced dating rumors with Dancing With the Stars partner Rylee Arnold after a speculated on-stage kiss. 

Who is Harry Jowsey Dating? 

Despite rumors sparked by a close moment during their Dancing with the Stars performance, Harry Jowsey and Rylee Arnold are not dating. The duo, recently eliminated from Season 32, denied a rumored kiss, emphasizing their friendship. Jowsey initially hinted at a kiss but later clarified they did not kiss during the dance, expressing discomfort with the rumors.

Arnold playfully warned Jowsey to keep his distance amidst ongoing speculation. Despite facing criticism for their performances, the pair acknowledged their fan support, considering it crucial for their journey on the show. Both Jowsey and Arnold recognized their elimination was justified, given their performances. As DWTS Season 32 progresses to the semifinals, fans await the upcoming knockouts, airing on November 28, 2023, every Tuesday at 8 pm ET on ABC.


Is Rylee Arnold Dating Harry Jowsey?

No, Rylee Arnold is not dating Harry Jowsey. Despite speculation fueled by a moment during their Dancing with the Stars performance and rumors of a kiss, both Jowsey and Arnold have clarified that they are just close friends. The alleged kiss, initially hinted at by Jowsey, was later denied by both after their elimination from Season 32.

Jowsey expressed feeling unwell due to the rumors, emphasizing that they did not kiss during the dance. Arnold playfully warned Jowsey to stay away amid ongoing speculation about their relationship. Both are aware of the constant rumors surrounding their time on the show and expressed gratitude for the continued support from fans. The duo acknowledged their performances fell short, leading to their elimination as the show progresses to the semifinals on November 28, 2023, airing every Tuesday at 8 pm ET on ABC.

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Who is Harry Jowsey?

Harry Jowsey rose to fame on the Netflix show “Too Hot to Handle” in 2020, becoming a global sensation. With features in GQ, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Variety, he won hearts worldwide with his humor and charisma. After the show, Jowsey, now a social media star with 10 million followers, ventured into acting with a deal from William Morris Endeavors (WME).

He hosted the interactive Spotify show “Dating Harry Jowsey,” addressing fans’ dating questions, and the podcast “Tap In,” discussing taboo topics. Known for open-minded conversations, Jowsey created the Instagram and TikTok series “Who Wore It Best,” interviewing celebrities about their iconic fashion moments.

He’s not only a successful influencer but also an angel investor aiming to invest in over 10 companies. Jowsey launched The Ritual, a cruelty-free candle line, and graced magazine covers like L’Officiel and Men’s Fitness, showcasing his impact in fashion and fitness.

Full Name

Harry Jowsey

Date of Birth

May 24, 1997



Claim to Fame

Rose to fame on Netflix’s “Too Hot to Handle” in 2020


How old is Harry Jowsey?

Harry Jowsey was born on May 24, 1997, which makes him 26 years old as of now. He gained widespread recognition after appearing on the Netflix show “Too Hot to Handle” in 2020, becoming a global sensation. Known for his comedic charm and charisma, Jowsey has expanded his influence through various ventures, including social media engagement with 10 million followers.

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His foray into acting, as well as hosting interactive shows like “Dating Harry Jowsey” on Spotify and the podcast “Tap In,” showcases his diverse talents.

Did Harry Jowsey get Eliminated?

Yes, Harry Jowsey was eliminated from Season 32 of Dancing With the Stars. Despite a notable performance with partner Rylee Arnold, the duo faced elimination after a series of less-than-ideal performances on the show. The pair danced to Taylor Swift’s “August” and earned a score of 30, but it wasn’t enough to secure their spot in the competition.

The elimination episode saw a moment between Jowsey and Arnold that sparked dating rumors, but both stars later refuted any romantic involvement, emphasizing their close friendship. Jowsey expressed gratitude for the support they received from fans, acknowledging their journey on the show and the unique experience it provided. With the elimination, Harry Jowsey concluded his run on Dancing With the Stars Season 32, and fans are now anticipating the upcoming episodes with the remaining couples competing for the title.

Who is Rylee Arnold?

Rylee Arnold entered the Dancing With the Stars scene during its 32nd season in 2023, and her pairing with Harry Jowsey has become a focal point of attention. Rumors of romance emerged when the young stars were seen holding hands outside the ballroom. This has naturally piqued the interest of fans who are keen to know more about Rylee, her family, and her connection with the Too Hot To Handle celebrity.

The speculation surrounding their relationship has added an extra layer of intrigue to their performances on the show, making them a talked-about duo. As the audience eagerly follows their journey on Dancing With the Stars, the dynamic between Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey continues to be a subject of curiosity and excitement.

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Full Name

Rylee Arnold


5 June, 2005 


18 years

Debut on DWTS

Season 32 (2023)

Dance Style

Showcased various dance styles on Dancing With the Stars

Social Media Presence

Active on social media platforms, engaging with fans

Family Background

Limited information available on public platforms

Current Status on DWTS

Eliminated in Season 32

Post-DWTS Activities

Further career details may be revealed post the show


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