Who is in Strictly Come Dancing 2023? How Many Contestants on Strictly 2023? When is Strictly Come Dancing 2023?

Strictly Come Dancing, a British television dance competition, has graced the screens of BBC One. The lineup for the 2023 edition of the show is now complete, with twelve contestants having been officially announced.
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Strictly Come Dancing

Strictly Come Dancing, informally known as Strictly, is a popular British dance competition where celebrities team up with professional dancers to showcase their ballroom and Latin dance skills. Judges, usually a panel of four, score each couple’s performance. The show’s title continues the legacy of the series “Come Dancing.” This format has been adapted in 60 other countries as “Dancing with the Stars,” under BBC Worldwide’s licensing.

In 2010, it was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the most successful reality TV format. The show is hosted by Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman, with Bruce Forsyth co-presenting until 2014. Since its debut on May 15, 2004, on BBC One, it airs on Saturday evenings with Sunday night results shows, often leading up to Christmas. Its widespread popularity has made it a significant program on British television, with numerous stand-alone Christmas and charity specials produced.

Strictly Line-Up 2023

The lineup for the upcoming season of Strictly Come Dancing in 2023 is already generating excitement, as a remarkable array of stars have been officially announced. These notable individuals are set to grace the dance floor with their presence, bringing their unique talents and personalities to the show. From accomplished TV personalities to renowned actors, this season’s cast promises to be one of the most captivating yet.

  • Nikita Kanda

  • Adam Thomas

  • Zara McDermott

  • Angela Scanlon

  • Eddie Kadi

  • Krishnan Guru-Murthy

  • Layton Williams

  • Angela Rippon

  • Amanda Abbington

  • Ellie Leach

  • Jody Cundy

  • Bobby Brazier

Who is in Strictly Come Dancing 2023?

Nikita Kanda: 

Nikita Kanda, known for her hosting on BBC Asian Network’s Breakfast Show, is taking a big step into the world of dance. Overwhelmed by the opportunity, she exclaims, “It’s surreal to think I’ll be on Strictly. A dream come true! Can’t wait to step onto that dance floor and shine!

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Adam Thomas: 

Adam Thomas, renowned for his role in Emmerdale and more recently, his appearance in the reboot of Waterloo Road, is ready to trade his acting skills for dancing shoes. With a background that includes I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here! and travel shows, he’s excited to learn and groove on Strictly.


Zara McDermott: 

Zara McDermott, the first Love Island contestant to step onto the Strictly stage, is making waves with her reality TV fame. From Love Island to Made In Chelsea, she’s now set to dazzle the dance floor, bringing a range of experiences with her.


Angela Scanlon: 

TV presenter Angela Scanlon, known for her work on The One Show, Robot Wars, and more, is embarking on a thrilling journey with Strictly. Expressing her mix of emotions, she questions, “Terrified and excited, I’ve got so many questions. Will they make me tan? How itchy are those sequins, really? Ready to find out.


Eddie Kadi: 

Comedian and BBC Radio 1Xtra DJ Eddie Kadi, well-versed in making people laugh, is now gearing up for a different kind of performance on Strictly. Proudly sharing his feelings, he states, “Wow! Music and dance are so integral to me, and I’m incredibly proud and honored to be part of Strictly 2023. Can’t wait to take the stage with all the energy and enthusiasm.

Krishnan Guru-Murthy: 

Krishnan Guru-Murthy, a mainstay of Channel 4 News since 1998, who’s covered everything from elections to the Paralympic Games, is taking a surprising leap into Strictly. Expressing his mixed feelings, he says, “I’m both surprised and delighted to be joining Strictly. It’s a ‘you only live once’ decision, and I’m eager to start learning to dance. Though I’m a tad concerned about my overall fitness, I’m excited to have a blast and hope others enjoy my journey too.

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Layton Williams: 

Layton Williams, known for his appearances on the stage and screen, particularly in Billy Elliot and Everyone’s Talking About Jamie in London’s West End, as well as for his role in Bad Education, is ready to make a statement on this year’s Strictly.

Joining a same-sex dance couple, he shares his enthusiasm, “I’m absolutely buzzing to be part of the UK’s most iconic dance competition! It’s time to bring the magic to the Ballroom. Can’t wait to learn new skills and sparkle in those sequins.


Angela Rippon: 

Angela Rippon, once the presenter of the predecessor to Strictly, Come Dancing, between 1988 and 1991, now hosts Rip-Off Britain and frequently appears on Morning Live, The One Show, and GB News. At 79 years old, she’s all set to become the oldest-ever contestant on Strictly, proving age is just a number.

Amanda Abbington: 

Famous for her roles in Sherlock and Mr Selfridge, actor Amanda Abbington has also graced various stages across the country with her theater performances. Expressing her excitement, she reveals, “I’m thrilled to be part of Strictly. Despite my shyness and self-consciousness, I see this as an amazing opportunity to overcome those challenges. And the prospect of learning to dance has me absolutely thrilled.


Ellie Leach: 

Ellie Leach, famous for her role as Faye Windass on Coronation Street, is making her dreams reality on Strictly. After a 12-year stint on the soap, she’s ready to embrace the dance floor.


Jody Cundy:

Jody Cundy, a decorated Paralympic Champion, is known for his feats in swimming and cycling. Now, he’s embracing the challenge of ballroom dancing on Strictly, ready to push his limits and bring on the glitter and sequins.


Bobby Brazier:

Bobby Brazier, recognized for his role in EastEnders and his modeling career, is embarking on a dance adventure on Strictly. The son of TV presenter Jeff Brazier and the late Jade Goody, he’s excited to bring his energy and moves to the dance floor.

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How Many Contestants on Strictly 2023?

A total of twelve contestants have been confirmed for the Strictly Come Dancing 2023 line-up. The first five members were unveiled on various shows, including Amanda Abbington, Angela Rippon CBE, Layton Williams, and Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Eddie Kadi was the fifth celebrity announced on The Official UK Afrobeats Chart Show. Angela Scanlon and Zara McDermott followed suit, while Adam Thomas and Nikita Kanda were revealed as the eighth and ninth contestants respectively.

Ellie Leach was the tenth celebrity announced on BBC Breakfast, and Jody Cundy CBE became the eleventh contestant on BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast. The twelfth addition to the Class of 2023, Bobby Brazier, was unveiled live from the set of EastEnders on BBC Breakfast.

When is Strictly Come Dancing 2023?

Strictly Come Dancing is on the horizon, set to light up the screens of BBC One and BBC iPlayer in the upcoming autumn of 2023. While the exact air date and start time remain under wraps, the excitement for a new season filled with mesmerizing performances, glamorous costumes, and electrifying dance routines is growing.

As the anticipation builds, viewers can anticipate immersing themselves in the enchanting realm of the Strictly ballroom, where celebrities team up with professional dancers to showcase their talents, dedication, and pure love for dance. Keep an eye out for more updates as the show’s premiere edges closer, promising yet another unforgettable voyage into the realm of dance, entertainment, and pure spectacle.

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