Who Is Jaclyn Mascarin? Meet Scott Moir Wife: Married Life And Kids Detail

Scott Moir, a former Canadian ice dancer and coach, is married to a doctor and has a daughter. Scott Moir, a legendary ice dancer, won multiple gold medals for Canada and is a familiar figure in the country’s sporting history. Outside of the ice, he is a family guy, leading a quiet life with his wife and children.

Scott Moir is a former Canadian ice dancer who won many championships, including two Olympic gold medals for his country. Scott and his dance partner, Tessa Virtue, were later inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2023, in recognition of their outstanding achievements.

Meet Scott Moir’s wife, Jaclyn Mascarin

The famous ice dancer married Jaclyn Mascarin in 2022 and they have a daughter. Scott revealed their engagement in 2019 during his Hall of Fame acceptance speech. The couple planned to get married in 2020, but the wedding was postponed due to the Covid-19 epidemic. Before the announcement, Scott kept his dating life a secret from the public.

His wife, Jaclyn, is said to be 38 years old. To start, she worked as a Physician Assistant for both Bay Area Emergency Physicians and Envision. This company is located in Clearwater, Florida. She is just as busy with her career as Scott is with athletics. It is commendable to the couple that they are able to reconcile their demanding work lives with their personal lives. Having a supportive companion like Jaclyn is especially beneficial for Scott as he navigates the ups and downs of his athletic career.

Scott Moir

One interesting thing about this couple is that they used to skate together when they were kids. Jaclyn holds the distinction of being Scott’s first skating partner. Therefore, many fans believe that their relationship began in childhood. Talking about their family, the couple had a daughter in 2021. Together, they have created a wonderful family, which includes their beloved daughter.

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Jaclyn is also an outstanding athlete

Jaclyn, like her husband, participated in athletics at a young age. Besides ice dancing, she also plays soccer and runs. She attended the University of South Carolina in 2003 after participating in various sports at Medway High School. She is a key member of the USC soccer team. Jaclyn, who eventually went into medicine, had her husband’s competitive DNA.

Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue’s relationship

Besides his wife, Scott Moir also has another very important woman in his life. Tessa Virtue is his longtime dance partner. Their synergy and talent on the field was renowned and they won several championships and medals. Furthermore, the pair seem to get along very well, and fans continually claim that their performances convey a strong sense of enthusiasm. This raised fans’ suspicions that the two were dating in real life, although the couple always denied those claims.

Scott Moir

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, seven and nine years old, were matched by his aunt, a skating coach. She feels they will complement each other wonderfully on the ice. She wasn’t wrong; the duo became Olympians in Canada’s Hall of Fame. As retired dancers, Scott and Tessa found love in real life but not together. In an honest interview, Scott discussed his great on-ice relationship with Tessa.

“It was more of a friendship and our professional connection was quite solid. We are very excited about that.”

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