Who is Kahhori in MCU? Know Everything About the New Marvel Superhero

Explore the breakout character Kahhori in MCU’s “What If…? Season 2”. Explore her unique origins, voiced by Devery Jacobs, as she reshapes history with superhuman abilities. Meet the cast behind this impressive Marvel story.

Who is Kahori in the MCU?

Kahhori, introduced in “What If…? Season 2”, is a groundbreaking character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Voiced by Canadian Mohawk actress Devery Jacobs, Kahori is a young Mohawk woman from the Haudenosaunee Confederacy in pre-colonial America. In the episode “What If… Kahhori Reshaped the World?” she gained superhuman abilities from the Infinity Stones after escaping the Spanish conquistadors by entering a mystical lake.

What makes Kahhori different is her unique origin; she is the first MCU hero with no connection to the comic book setting. Her introduction brings much-needed Indigenous representation to the MCU, offering a fresh perspective on history. According to Mohawk Nation historian Doug George, the episode presents a remarkable story from the perspective of the indigenous Mohawk people, giving viewers a new and exciting perspective on the region’s first peoples land.

The episode emphasizes collaboration with the Mohawk community, ensuring authenticity from dialogue to makeup. Writer Ryan Little worked closely with a mentor familiar with the Indigenous community, creating a completely original installment of the MCU. Kahhori’s name, pronounced ‘KAH-HORTI’, means ‘she who stirs up the forest’ or someone who motivates those around her.

In her first adventure, Kahhori is faced with the task of recruiting powerful allies to save her people and change history. The character brings cultural richness and diversity to the MCU, demonstrating Marvel Studios’ commitment to inclusion and exploring untold stories. “What If…? Season 2” is now streaming on Disney Plus.

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What if Kahhori reshaped the world cast



Devery Jacobs




Jeremy White


Gabriel Romero

Rodrigo Alphonso Gonzolo

Benedict Cumberbatch

Supreme Doctor Strange

Carolina Ravassa

Queen Isabella of Spain

Clancy Brown


Jeff Bergman


What if…? Season 2

“What If…? Season 2”, an American animated series on Disney+, explores alternate timelines in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Premiering on December 22, 2023, as part of MCU Phase Five, the season consists of six episodes released daily until December 30. The show is produced by Marvel Studios Animation, written by Playwright AC Bradley and director Bryan Andrews direct.

Jeffrey Wright voices the Watcher, guiding viewers through a variety of MCU scenarios. Building on the success of Part 1, Part 2 delves into hypothetical scenarios arising from key MCU moments that take unexpected turns. Animated by Flying Bark Productions, Stellar Creative Lab and SDFX Studios, with animation supervision by Scott Wright and Stephan Franck, the series features MCU film actors.

Development began in December 2019, with Bradley and Andrews returning in November 2021. Stephan Franck, head of animation for Season 1, also directed. This season’s intriguing exploration of alternate realities will add another layer to the Marvel universe for fans to enjoy.

What if…? Season 2 episodes



Directed by

Release date


What if… Nebula joined the Nova Corps?

Stephan Franck

December 22, 2023


What if… Peter Quill attacked Earth’s mightiest heroes?

Bryan Andrews

December 23, 2023


What if… Happy Hogan saves Christmas?

Bryan Andrews

December 24, 2023


What would happen if… Iron Man crashed into the Grandmaster?

Bryan Andrews

December 25, 2023


What if… Captain Carter defeated Hydra Stomper?

Bryan Andrews

December 26, 2023


What if… Kahhori reshaped the world?

Bryan Andrews

December 27, 2023


What if… Hela found the Ten Rings?

Bryan Andrews

December 28, 2023


What if… The Avengers were assembled in the year 1602?

Bryan Andrews

December 29, 2023


What would happen if… Supreme Strange intervened?

Bryan Andrews

December 30, 2023

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What if…? Part 2 Where to watch?

“What If…? Season 2” is available to stream on Disney Plus, with the latest episode, Episode 6, available now. New episodes are being released daily until December 30. This series is part of What If…? by Marvel Studios. anthology, exploring alternative storylines within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Each episode presents a unique scenario, depicting what could have happened if key events had played out differently. To follow this animated adventure, you just need to go to Disney Plus and enjoy the imaginative details of the Marvel universe. It’s a fascinating journey into alternate realities that showcases the creativity and diversity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What if…? Part 2 trailer

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