Who Is Kevin Pouya? Age, Height, Net Worth, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Wiki

Kevin Pouya, better known as ‘Pouya’, is an American rapper and songwriter. He is also known as “Baby Bone.”

Quick Info

Famous name:Pouya
Real name/Full name:Kevin Pouya
Year old:27 years old
Date of birth:December 20, 1994
Place of birth:Miami, Florida, USA
Sexual orientation:Straight
Marital status:Single
Spouse (Name):do not apply
Children/Children (Boys and Girls):ARE NOT
Dating/Girlfriend (Name):Yes (Young Coco)
Is Pouya gay?ARE NOT
Job:Rapper, Musician
Wage:do not apply
net value1 million USD

Kevin Pouya’s biography

Kevin Pouya was born on December 20, 1994 in Miami, Florida, USA. He is also known as Baby Bone, and he is one of the influential Bone Thugs as a professional rapper. Pouya’s popular songs include “Get Buck” and “Straight Up,” among others. Pouya has collaborated with rapper Fat Nick on several songs. His friendship and relationship with Robb Banks has helped him gain a following on social media.

Pouya is one of the successful rappers of TrendCelebsNow.most Com. He is a celebrity born on December 20, 1994. Pouya is also one of Florida’s richest rappers.

Kevin Pouya Age, Height, Weight

Kevin Pouya was born on December 20, 1994, as of 2023, he is 27 years old. He is 1.76 meters tall and weighs 53 kilograms.

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Kevin Pouya abruptly ended his rap career in 2011 when he dropped out just before graduating. Kevin Pouya knows how hard life can be when he drops out of school and in order to have food on the table, one has to work. To overcome the difficulties of life, he decided to work as a busker at a particular restaurant.

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Kevin Pouya wasted no time fulfilling his dream of rapping. He formed a rap group called ‘Buffet Boys’ with his longtime friend Fat Nick. The two have started a YouTube channel where they host a show called “The Nick and Pouya Show”.

Pouya released his first mixtape, ‘Fuck it,’ in 2012. The following year (2013), he released ‘Get Buck’, the song that made him famous. That same year, Sir Michael Rocks moved to Miami and collaborated with Kevin Pouya on the song “Gookin”.

Pouya released a solo mixtape titled “Stunna” in 2015. The song became famous in the music industry. The tape was described by ‘Elevator’ magazine as “influenced by the harmony and unity of Bone Thugs”. Pouya is described by the magazine as a successful artist who works hard to transform copied styles into new styles.

Kevin Pouya released his next tape, “Southside Slugs” on 25 March 2015. Sir Michael Rocks, Denzel Curry, Mikey, magician SDotBraddy, Alex Wiley, Fat Nick, Germ and Mikey are among them. tape guests.

Kevin Pouya collaborated with Suicide Boys in 2015, releasing $outh$ide$uicide on September 1.

Under the Buffet Boys label, he released Underdog Underground. The album was a commercial success in the music industry. It ranks 156 out of 200 on the billboard.

Kevin Pouya appeared in Progressive Metalcore’s album ‘On Her Mind Song’ in 2018. He then collaborated with Fat Nick on the song ‘Dropped out of school’.

Kevin Pouya decided to release his second studio album, ‘By the name,’ in 2008. Juicy J and Ghost Mane appeared on Kevin Pouya’s song “The South Got Something to Say” last June. (2019).

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Kevin Pouya Achievements and Awards

Kevin Pouya has yet to receive an award, but he has attended numerous awards ceremonies, including the BET Awards, and his name has appeared on the list of 50 Best Hip Hop Heads Rappers from Florida .

Kevin Pouya’s Net Worth in 2023

Kevin Pouya’s net worth is estimated to be over $1 million as of April 2023. His work in the music industry, as an entrepreneur, in various shows and on his YouTube channel helped him lead a comfortable life. He is one of the richest young rappers in the world.

We currently have no information about his vehicle; however, his annual salary will be updated as soon as we get the details.

He can pay his bills with that amount in his net worth. Kevin Pouya is the type of person who decides to follow their dreams because they see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kevin Pouya dropped out of school to pursue a career in music. He works very hard in his different areas of work because they all contribute something.

Kevin Pouya Girlfriend, Dating

Kevin Pouya is currently dating Instagram model Young Coco, according to multiple sources. However, according to most sources, Kevin Pouya is not in a romantic relationship and like most celebrities, he keeps his love life private. He is currently single and of Cuban and Persian descent.

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