Who Is Kim Se-Jun From “Single’s Inferno” Season 2?

Episodes 5 and 6 of Single’s Inferno season 2 were just released on Netflix. The famous South Korean reality TV show presented viewers with a group of young and attractive competitors who came to the deserted island of Inferno in search of their ideal partner. The program centers on these singletons and their attempts to charm their way into the hearts of their spouses by relying solely on their charm and charisma. Contestants are not permitted to share any personal information, such as their employment or any other facts, with the other contestants, save their names.

They are only permitted to do so if they go to paradise with their matched companion. The Single’s Inferno season 2 stars are also given the opportunity to take a partner of their choosing on a fancy date, but in order to do so, they must participate in difficult tasks against others and emerge triumphant. Two new candidates landed on the island this week to join the existing participants in the dating program.

Kim Se-jun was one of the two contenders that came in Inferno this week. His entrance piqued the interest of both the males and the ladies. It turns out that Se-jun works for a familiar person from the first season of Single’s Inferno. Continue reading to learn more about the newcomer in Single’s Inferno.

Kim Se-jun from Single’s Inferno Season 2 works as a tailor at Jin-taek Custom Tailor Shop from Season 1.

Kim Se-arrival jun’s on the island has heightened the drama, and fans are eager to find out with whom he will bond. In a black suit, he strolled down to the campfire where the other finalists sat, looking sleek and sophisticated. During his introduction, Kim Se-jun claimed that the ladies were drawn to him because of his friendliness. The Netflix actor, who enjoys tennis, works as a tailor at Ascottage, a bespoke tailor business founded by Jin-Taek, who starred in Single’s Inferno season one. Se-jun also often updates his social media profile regarding his job. He presently has over 10,000 Instagram followers. He also works as a model.

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Kim Se-Jun


Se-jun said during his introduction to the show:

“The kind of lady I’d want to meet is someone who is friendly and effervescent. I’m more likely to open up to folks like that. And I know I was out here in the middle of nowhere, but if there’s a lady I admire, I’ll enchant her regardless of the conditions.”

Kim Se-Jun

So far, Se-jun seemed to be bonding with So-e, who was conversing with him and made him feel at ease among the other singletons. However, at the conclusion of episode 6, the remaining participants were told that only Se-jun and the other new arrival would be able to go to paradise with a person of their choosing. Viewers will have to wait until next week, when the series returns with episodes 7 and 8, to find out who Se-jun selects to accompany him to paradise.

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