Who is Makoto Hasebe’s Wife? Know Everything About Makoto Hasebe Wife Arisa Sato

Who is Makoto Hasebe’s wife? Makoto Hasebe is a Japanese professional soccer player who was born in everyone’s heart and is very curious to know who Makoto Hasebe’s Wife is.

Who is Makoto Hasebe’s wife?

So who is Makoto Hasebe’s wife? According to our research, Makoto Hasebe’s wife is Arisa Sato. Makoto Hasebe is a Japanese professional soccer player. He was born in Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan on January 18, 1984.


Makoto Hasebe


Japanese professional soccer player

Date of birth

January 18, 1984

Year old

39 years old

Place of birth

Fujieda, Shizuoka, Japan


180 cm (5 feet 11 inches)


72 Kg (159 lb)



Wife’s name

Arisa Sato

Who is Makoto Hasebe?

Makoto Hasebe, born January 18, 1984, is a famous Japanese football player famous for his contributions as a versatile player, excelling as a center back and midfielder. defense. Standing 180 cm (5’11”) tall, Hasebe currently plays for Eintracht Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga, wearing the venerable number 20 shirt. His association with Eintracht Frankfurt began in 2014, and according to Latest information, his contract is set to run until 2024.

One of the defining aspects of Hasebe’s career was his pivotal role as captain of the Japan national football team. His leadership qualities and on-field acumen left an indelible mark on Japanese football. At Eintracht Frankfurt, Hasebe established himself as a solid player, making an impressive 379 appearances for the club. Notably, this achievement helped him rank third on the list of non-German players with the most appearances of all time in the Bundesliga.

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Makoto Hasebe’s height and weight

Makoto Hasebe, a successful Japanese soccer player, has a height of 180 cm, equivalent to 5 feet 11 inches. This height contributes to his dynamic presence on the field, allowing him to navigate the field with a combination of agility and strategic advantage.

With a weight of 72 kg, or 159 lbs, Hasebe maintains a well-proportioned physique, suitable for the requirements of the role of center back and defensive midfielder. His physical size emphasizes his combination of strength and finesse, important attributes for a player in his position.

His height of 180 cm gives him the ability to compete in aerial duels, while his weight of 72 kg indicates a well-maintained athletic frame. Together, these physical characteristics epitomize the ideal physique for a soccer player, reflecting Hasebe’s commitment to fitness and outstanding performance on the professional stage.

Physical properties



180 cm (5 feet 11 inches)


72 Kg (159 lb)

Makoto Hasebe’s career

  • 2002: The initial start with the Urawa red diamond

    • Makoto Hasebe began his professional football journey with Urawa Red Diamonds, marking the beginning of his career.
  • 2008: Moved to Bundesliga

    • Hasebe made a pivotal move to the German Bundesliga in 2008, marking a pivotal moment in his career.
  • Bundesliga career (2008-2023): Eintracht Frankfurt

    • Joined Eintracht Frankfurt in 2014, becoming a key player for the club.
    • Has amassed a remarkable 379 appearances in the Bundesliga, demonstrating his long-term and consistent commitment.
    • Positioned as a midfielder, Hasebe showed versatility, contributing 7 goals and 17 assists over the years.
    • Showed a competitive edge with 3 red cards and 51 yellow cards during his Bundesliga tenure.
  • International representative

    • Represented Japan at the 2014 World Cup, contributing to the national team’s global presence.
    • Participated in the 2015 Asian Cup, demonstrating ability in the continental arena.
    • Stand out at the 2018 World Cup, appearing in all four matches as a defensive midfielder and contributing to Japan’s campaign.
  • Current status (2023)

    • At the age of 39, Makoto Hasebe is considered the oldest player currently in the Bundesliga.
    • Additionally, he is recognized as Frankfurt’s oldest ever outfield player, attesting to his lasting impact and longevity in professional football.
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