Who Is Mike Breeden? A Look At UFC Fighter Wiki And Relationship

Wikipedia Mike Breeden: Mike Breeden may be new to many MMA fans but he has been involved with the sport for many years. Fans are eager to learn more about him after his recent win over Indian newcomer Anshul Jubli in a UFC event held in Abu Dhabi. Mike, despite being a famous MMA fighter, has no Wikipedia articles. Therefore, details regarding his personal and professional life are limited. However, in the article below, we have sought to provide all necessary information about UFC fighters. Please read from beginning to end to learn all there is to know about him.

Mike Breeden is an American MMA fighter who is a member of the UFC’s lightweight division as of 2021. He has won 11 fights out of 17, including 8 knockout wins. Breeden also won five matches in the first round. Mike holds a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and has been actively fighting since 2017. His most recent win over Jubli was his first in the UFC after three straight losses since 2021.

Mike Breeden Wikipedia and Age: Everything you need to know about the UFC fighter

Mike Breeden, an MMA fighter, was born on April 21, 1989 in the United States to his parents. In terms of age, he is currently over thirty. He is of Cambodian descent through his parents, although not much is known about his origins. He even said on his Instagram profile that he is Cambodian, but he is an American citizen studying in Kansas City, Missouri. Unfortunately, there is no information about his further studies. According to MMA Junkie 2020, many of his family members, including his parents, work in the food industry and have nothing to do with the sport.

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Mike Breeden

Breeden entered the world of MMA because of his uncle

Mike had no intention of becoming an MMA fighter when he was young. He wasn’t good at sports until his teens because he was a chubby kid who wanted to follow in his parents’ footsteps and work in a restaurant. Mike’s path changed when his uncle advised him to try martial arts. He initially agreed but left after finding it difficult to exercise regularly.

“Back then I really didn’t like working out,” he said. You can’t make me run away. You can’t make me lift up. You can’t make me do anything if it doesn’t include food.”

On the other hand, his uncle continued to push him, drag him to the gym and guide him through his MMA adventure. In 2014, he faced Devon Webber in his first major match, which he lost in the third round.

Mike Breeden

Mike Breeden’s Wife: Is He Married?

The professional boxer has been married to his wife, Miriam Joy, for almost a year. According to their social media accounts, the couple married on February 2, 2022. Miriam and Mike have an illegitimate child, whom he occasionally photographs on his Instagram profile. His children seem to like American football and are supporters of the NFL franchise Kansas City Chiefs. Unfortunately, there is no information about his wife, Miriam, as she has kept her social media accounts secret.

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