Who Is Morgan Myles From “The Voice 2022”?

As of Monday, September 19, blind auditions for Season 22 of NBC’s The Voice have begun. This season, Morgan Myles is the first contender to take the stage. The judges were blown away by the 35-year-old country singer’s impeccable Hallelujah performance. Morgan earns a living as an itinerant country singer and composer; he has shared the stage with the likes of Reba McEntire, Hank Williams Jr. and Morgan Wallen.

Not only did she win the first four-seat round of Season 22, but she also came first in the blind audition. Camila Cabello, first time judge, was so moved by her performance that she blocked Gwen Stefani with the coach’s block. Thankfully, it all worked out as Morgan finally decided to team up with Camila as her coach on this season of The Voice. The candidate has great vocals and vocals, so she may have a long way to go before she is eliminated. So who is this Morgan Myles? Here’s more information about the country star.

Morgan, a contestant on The Voice, just released her first full version.

After growing up in Pennsylvania, Morgan moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2009 and has been there ever since. She is a singer and composer with a soul, according to her Instagram account. A full-time musician, Morgan has traveled across the United States (playing in 55 different states) and shared the stage with many great country music performers, including her idol, Reba McEntire (aka “The Queen of Country Music”). Morgan says she opened for The Voice original judge Blake Shelton after her blind audition.

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Morgan said in an interview with CMT that she had a passion for music from an early age.

“When I was alone, I would go to the piano and start playing and singing. I think it’s simply always been a part of who I am. I find solace, fulfillment and relief in music. It never faltered.”

According to her website, Morgan is influenced by Eva Cassidy and Carole King, and she also appreciates the music of Janis Joplin, Bonnie Raitt and Susan Tedeschi. She gets a lot of ideas from women in the music industry:

“Because I aspired to be like them, I was inspired by strong female role models. You can choose your favorite diva and rest assured that I am inspiring her.

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Morgan’s first studio album, titled “Therapy,” was published in 2020. According to her official website, the album comes after the death of her 33-year-old cousin from brain cancer. Morgan says her experience as a nanny for children whose mothers died of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) has helped her write more introspective songs. On her website, it says:

I’ve been through a lot, both psychologically and emotionally, but now I see my musical and personal purpose in life more clearly than ever. After passing the first round of blind auditions, Morgan will be featured more prominently in the upcoming episodes. The Voice airs live on NBC every Monday at 8 p.m. KST. For more details, readers should check out their local programming.

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