Who is Out of the Masked Singer 2023? Who Left Masked Singer Yesterday?

Who is out of The Masked Singer 2023? Uncover the thrilling surprises of The Masked Singer 2023. Join the excitement as famous contestants like Katja Ebstein and Eva Padberg reveal their true identities.

The Masked Singer 2023

The ninth season of The Masked Singer, a famous singing competition in Germany, started on November 18, 2023, and you can watch it on ProSieben. It’s a cool show where famous people wear fancy costumes to hide who they are while singing. The 2023 season has new masked singers trying to impress the judges and the audience with their singing skills. It’s a mix of mystery, music, and fun, and fans are excited to find out who’s behind each mask as the season unfolds. 

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Who is Out of the Masked Singer 2023?

In the latest episodes of the Masked Singer 2023, two contestants have been unmasked and are now out of the competition. “Okapi,” who performed to the song “Iko Iko” by Belle Stars, was revealed to be Katja Ebstein. Additionally, “Feuerlöscher,” who sang “I Love It” by Icona Pop, was unmasked to be Eva Padberg. Unfortunately, their time on the show has come to an end, but their performances added excitement and intrigue to the Masked Singer journey this season. Fans will surely miss the mystery surrounding Okapi and Feuerlöscher as the remaining masked contestants continue to vie for the coveted title.

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Who is Behind the Kiwi?

The identity of the contestant behind the character “Kiwi” on the Masked Singer remains undisclosed. Performing to the song “She’s Like the Wind” by Patrick Swayze, Kiwi has managed to keep their identity a well-guarded secret, adding an extra layer of mystery and anticipation to the show. As the Masked Singer unfolds, fans eagerly await the moment when Kiwi will be unmasked, revealing the celebrity behind the captivating performance. Until then, the guessing game continues, with viewers speculating and enjoying the suspense surrounding Kiwi’s true identity on the Masked Singer stage.

Masked Singer 2023 Contestants

Stage name






Klaus Claus











Eva Padberg


Katja Ebstein

Masked Singer 2023 Overview


Ruth Moschner, Álvaro Soler, Various guests

Hosted by

Matthias Opdenhövel

No. of contestants


No. of episodes


Original network


Original release

18 November 2023 – present

Who Left Masked Singer Yesterday?

In the latest episode of the Masked Singer, Eva Padberg, performing under the alias “Feuerlöscher” and entertaining the audience with the song “I Love It” by Icona Pop, unfortunately, left the competition. The unmasking of Feuerlöscher marked a bittersweet moment for fans, as they bid farewell to Eva Padberg’s spirited performances on the show. As the competition progresses, viewers can anticipate more surprises and revelations as the remaining masked contestants continue to showcase their talents and keep the guessing game alive.

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