Who Is Raven Sutton From “The Circle: Singles”?

The Circle will return to Netflix with a new twist. In the forthcoming season, the competitors must either be single or appear to be single in order to get along with the other candidates, since the program is officially titled The Circle: Singles. Raven Sutton, an ASL performer from Alabama, is one of the participants confirmed to feature on the program. The deaf social worker will appear on the program alongside her translator and best friend, Paris. The dancer was featured in an article with translator Matthew Maxey, and Beyonce acknowledged her TikTok. The new season of the Netflix drama will premiere on the streaming site on December 28.

Meet Raven Sutton before she appears on The Circle.

Raven Sutton, a deaf dancer, interpreter, and disability advocate, is one of The Circle’s next candidates. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work from Gallaudet University, where she also served as a peer advisor for a while. For a year in 2017, the campaigner worked as a dance teacher at Haiti’s Institut Montfort Pour Enfants Sourds. She subsequently went on to work in a variety of businesses before starring in The Circle.

Raven Sutton

Since 2020, the disability consultant has been working independently to give knowledge to companies and local groups in order to implement varied disability strategies in order to make the world a more inclusive and beneficial place for the handicapped community. In 2021, she worked for Twitter as an Educational Consultant, advising on how to make the social media site more accessible to the deaf population.

According to her LinkedIn profile:

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“She started working at Deaf Dawn in Washington, D.C. as a Survivor Resource Specialist for Deaf, Domestic, and Sexual Violence Survivors. Raven, on the other hand, is an advocate for the deaf community in addition to being a content developer.”

It goes on:

“She’s developed fascinating material that has gone viral and caught the attention of firms like Twitter as well as historic newspapers like The New York Times. She is still using her platform in the hopes of sparking change.”

Sutton participated in a Zoom interview in July 2022 with Matthew Maxey, an African-American interpreter who worked with Chance the Rapper, and Amber Galloway-Gallego, who previously worked with artists such as Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa, about the need for Black sign language interpreters in hip hop. The future The Circle candidate noted in an interpreter-assisted interview that people often marvel at how she is able to dance as a deaf lady. She noted that deaf individuals can sense music vibrations, which “improves their capacity to participate in and appreciate music just like everyone else.”

Raven Sutton

She continued, saying:

“We like going to concerts and events where we can have fun, celebrate, and feel the rhythm.”

Sutton sat up late in 2020, anticipating Megan thee Stallion and Cardi B’s WAP, and posted a video on social media of herself dancing and interpreting the song in sign language. Beyonce also posted her video on TikTok.

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