Who Is Sarah Lewis? Meet Sean Lewis Wife: Married Life & Kids

Sean Lewis and his wife, Sarah Lewis, have been through it all together. They’ve come a long way from high school love to parents and two children. Sean Lewis, born April 11, 1986, went from a college football player to a football coach. Lewis attended Harold L. Richards High School as well as the University of Wisconsin.

After completing his studies, he worked as a personal trainer and sold office supplies before deciding to pursue a career in coaching. He later coached at Nebraska-Omaha, Akron, Eastern Illinois, Bowling Green, Syracuse, Kent State and Colorado. San Diego State just named Lewis their next head coach, succeeding the retiring Brady Hoke.

Sean Lewis’s wife, Sarah Lewis

Sean Lewis, football coach, married his long-time partner, Sarah Lewis. Sarah has been a strong support for Sean throughout his football career. When he was named head coach at San Diego State, he took a minute to thank his wife, highlighting Sarah’s important position as his close and steadfast friend. He admits that achieving his current position would not have been possible without her encouragement and inspiration. Furthermore, he added that he would not have been able to achieve this achievement without his wife’s unwavering support and inspiration.

Sean Lewis

The couple has two children: son Rory (born 2016) and daughter Kiera (coming in 2020).

Sarah and their children, Rory and Kiera, were both in the front row when Sean Lewis was appointed head coach, emphasizing the importance of family in Sean Lewis’s life.

Sean Diego State becomes the new head football coach

Sean Lewis, the 19th head coach in the history of the San Diego State football team, was named the 19th head coach. Lewis expressed his excitement, saying:

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“I’m excited to bring a style of football that’s fast, fast-moving, open and balanced, attacking vertically and giving us the opportunity to win in a variety of ways.”

Sean Lewis

Lewis has officially signed a five-year contract with San Diego State, with a starting salary of $1,753,100 in 2024 that will increase each year. According to USA Today, this made him the Mountain West Conference’s fourth highest-paid coach. Furthermore, his contract includes several incentives, including $25,000 for reaching the conference finals and $75,000 for winning. It also includes a $75,000 prize for beating two top-25 teams (AP or USA Today), $50,000 for a top-15 finish, and an additional $10,000 if his team maintains a better scoring average 2.80.

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