Who is Still Together From Love is Blind Season 5?

Discover the love journeys in Love Is Blind Season 5! From lasting marriages to complex breakups, follow the unique matchmaking experience in Houston, Texas.

Who is Still Together From Love is Blind Season 5?

Here is a detailed description as who are still together and who are not and what are the reasons behind their relationship will be explained here.

  1. Lydia and Milton: A Lasting Love

Lydia and Milton, a couple from Love Is Blind Season 5, managed to make it to the altar and say their “I do’s.” Despite facing some challenges, such as a significant age gap and doubts about the relationship, they tied the knot during the show’s finale. Fast forward to the reunion, and they are still happily married. In fact, they even had a second wedding celebration in Puerto Rico. Lydia and Milton’s love story appears to be going strong, although there’s a playful mention of Lydia being “too close” to Milton’s mom.

  1. Stacy and Izzy: A Rocky Road to Friendship

Stacy and Izzy, the other couple who reached the Season 5 finale, had a more complicated journey. At the wedding, Stacy rejected Izzy’s proposal due to his late revelation about his bad credit score. After the show, they decided to take some time apart. It wasn’t until a chance encounter at a bar that they reconnected. They even shared a kiss but ultimately decided to remain friends. Both Stacy and Izzy are now dating other people, indicating that their romantic relationship has transitioned into a friendship.

  1. Johnie and Chris: A Relationship with Twists and Turns

Johnie and Chris had a unique storyline in Season 5. Initially, Johnie chose Izzy over Chris in the pods, but when Izzy proposed to someone else, she changed her mind about Chris. They started dating after the show, with Johnie even introducing Chris to her mom. However, their relationship hit a rough patch when Chris began seeing someone else without informing Johnie. This revelation led to their breakup. At the reunion, Johnie revealed that she has moved on and is in a new relationship, while Chris is happily living with his new girlfriend.

  1. Taylor and JP: A Relationship Filled with Doubts
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Taylor and JP initially appeared to be a perfect match in the pods, but their relationship faced challenges soon after. JP made comments about Taylor’s appearance during an awkward vacation in Mexico, which created doubts and tension between them. Ultimately, Taylor decided to end the relationship after returning from Mexico, stating that JP’s actions had made her question their connection. During the reunion, both Taylor and JP confirmed that they are dating other people, highlighting the end of their past relationship.

  1. Aaliyah and Uche: A Complex Love Story

Aaliyah and Uche’s journey on Love Is Blind Season 5 was marked by complexity. They had a strong connection in the pods, but their relationship was tested when it was revealed that Uche had previously dated another cast member, Lydia. Lydia was also Aaliyah’s close friend on the show, making the situation even more complicated. Although they initially decided not to pursue their relationship outside the pods, they later attempted to date for a short period. However, this second attempt did not work out, and they decided to part ways. Aaliyah has since moved on and is in a new relationship, leaving behind the intricate dynamics of her past with Uche.

Love is Blind Season 5 Overview

Love is Blind Season 5 is the latest installment of the popular Netflix reality series that captivates viewers with its unique approach to matchmaking. In this season, which premiered on September 22, 2023, the show continues its fascinating social experiment where singles from Houston, Texas, try to find true love without ever seeing each other. Participants form connections and get engaged solely based on conversations in separate pods, only to meet in person after they’ve decided to take the plunge into marriage.

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As the season unfolds over multiple episodes, viewers are taken on a rollercoaster of emotions as they witness the highs and lows of these budding relationships. The dramatic twists and turns, romantic connections, and unexpected surprises keep fans eagerly watching to see which couples will make it to the altar and which will face challenges on the path to love. Fresherslive brings you the ultimate entertainment experience, featuring not only celebrity news and film reviews but also exclusive behind-the-scenes entertainment content and interviews with your favorite stars.

Love is Blind Season 5 Cast




Lydia Velez Gonzalez



James “Milton” Johnson IV


Petroleum Engineer

Stacy Snyder


Director of Operations

Izzy Zapata



Taylor Rue



Jared “JP” Pierce



Johnie Maraist



Christopher Fox


Project Manager for Commercial and Retail Development

Aaliyah Cosby


ICU Travel Nurse

Uche Okoroha



Carter Wall



Connor Moore



Efrain Batista


Software Sales

Enoch Culliver


Financial Advisor

Erica Anthony


Marketing Manager

Ernesto Solorzano Jr


Supply Chain Manager

Estefania Garcia



Jarred Gibson


University Director

Josh Simmons


Sales Representative

Justice Currey


Personal Trainer

Linda Obi


Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Maris Prakonekham


HR Specialist

Mayra Cardenas



Miriam Amah



Paige Tillman



Robert Martinez


Special Education Teacher

Renee Poche





Flight Attendant

Where to Watch Love is Blind Season 5?

You can watch “Love Is Blind” Season 5 on the streaming platform Netflix. This popular reality TV show is available exclusively on Netflix, and viewers can access it with a subscription to the platform. “Love Is Blind” Season 5, like the previous seasons, is streamed on Netflix, allowing fans to follow the romantic journeys of the contestants as they navigate dating without seeing each other and making emotional connections in the show’s unique format.

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