Who Is Tara Lipinski From “Guy’s Ultimate Game Night”?

Guy’s Ultimate Game Night, Food Network’s latest culinary program, will premiere on August 31. Tara Lipinski, a 40-year-old globally recognized figure skater, and 1998 Olympic Champion are one of the celebrities competing in the program. The forthcoming program will have famous candidates from various disciplines competing in exciting culinary tasks for the main cash prize. The winning celebrity competitor will get the cash reward and will be able to give it to a charity of their choosing.


Tara Lipinski of Guy’s Ultimate Game Night has been roller skating since she was a child.

Philadelphia-born Tara Lipinski began roller skating when she was three years old in Sewell, New Jersey. She went on to win the primary girl’s freestyle championship at the United States Roller Skating Championships at the age of nine. Lipinski went on to become the first female skater to complete a triple loop/triple loop jump combination at the age of 13—a defining aspect of her performance. She is the youngest individual in history to be a US, World, and Olympic Professional Champion. In 1999, she won the World Professional Figure Skating Championships at the age of 17.

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Her greatest sporting achievement was winning the gold medal in the 1998 Nagano Olympics, making her the youngest individual gold medalist in Winter Games history. Tara became a pundit on NBC, NBC Athletics, and Universal Sports after earning a reputation for herself in sports. Tara Lipinski: From This Moment On had her own primetime special, which led to scores of cameo TV appearances and acting jobs on primetime shows such as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Malcolm in the Middle, Veronica’s Closet, 7th Heaven, and The Young and the Restless, among others.

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She said on her own website about her transition from athletics to television:

“The transition from the competition and skating to professional performance and being an entertainer/actor was simply a natural one for me.”

She continued, saying:

“Acting has a similar sensation to skating, and it was incredibly fulfilling when I landed jobs based on my abilities rather than my name.”

What exactly is Guy’s Ultimate Game Night?

The program, hosted by Guy Fieri and Antonia Lofaso, includes celebrity participants doing culinary skills in a live studio setting. Guy’s Ultimate Game Night combines discussion, cooking, and game shows.

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According to the show’s official synopsis:

“The new game show puts a culinary spin on traditional party games, with celebrity participants competing in front of a live studio audience to win prizes for their favorite charity.” Chef Antonia Lofaso oversees the whole competition, as the celebrities interact with food in the hands-on challenge and put their culinary skills to the test with quizzes and word puzzles. They must be alert since they never know what Guy would hurl at them. Let the fun begin!”

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