Who is The Cow on Masked Singer? Where to Watch The Masked Singer Season 10?

The Cow on “The Masked Singer” shared a touching story about their hardworking mom, performed “Ring My Bell” well, and hinted at a connection to Jenny McCarthy’s husband, leading to guesses of NE-YO or Usher by the judges.

The Masked Singer

The Masked Singer is a popular television series known for its unique concept. In the show, celebrities from various fields, including music, acting, and sports, compete by singing while dressed in elaborate costumes and masks that conceal their identities. The panel of judges, along with the audience, watches the performances and tries to guess who is behind each mask based on the clues provided.

The show has gained a dedicated fan following and has spawned spin-offs and adaptations in different countries. It combines elements of mystery, music, and entertainment to create a captivating and interactive viewing experience.

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Who is The Cow on Masked Singer?

In the latest episode of “The Masked Singer,” the contestant behind the Cow mask revealed touching details about their personal life. The Cow expressed deep admiration and love for their mother, highlighting her incredible strength and hard work. The clue package included references to the challenges their mother faced, juggling multiple jobs while being the foundation of the Cow’s life.

Witnessing their mother’s struggles motivated the Cow to pursue a successful career in music, with the ultimate goal of providing support and care for their mom. The heartfelt revelation showcased the strong bond between the Cow and their mother, making the audience empathize with their journey.

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Additionally, during the episode, the Cow performed a rendition of “Ring My Bell” by Anita Ward, impressing the judges with their extraordinary vocals. The clues also hinted at a connection to Jenny McCarthy’s husband, Donnie Wahlberg, with the Cow playfully mentioning spending time with him.

As the judges speculated on the Cow’s identity, suggesting possibilities like NE-YO or Usher, the heartfelt story and engaging performance added an emotional layer to the mystery surrounding the true identity of the Cow on “The Masked Singer.”

The Masked Singer Format

The Masked Singer follows a distinct format where celebrity contestants perform in disguise while a panel of judges and the audience attempt to guess their identities. Clue packages are provided before and after each performance, offering hints about the contestants’ backgrounds and careers.

The judges engage in lively discussions and make guesses based on the clues, and the audience votes for their favorite performances. Each episode features an elimination, with the least popular contestant revealing their identity by removing their mask. The show often introduces format variations, such as Wild Card contestants and “smackdown” rounds, to keep the competition exciting.

Where to Watch The Masked Singer Season 10?

The Masked Singer Season 10 can be watched on the FOX network. The show airs on FOX, and viewers can tune in to watch the exciting performances, clue packages, and unmaskings as celebrity contestants compete while disguised in elaborate costumes. Additionally, viewers may have the option to watch the show on the FOX website or through streaming platforms that offer FOX as part of their channel lineup.

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The Masked Singer Season 10 Overview

Show Name

The Masked Singer

Hosted by

Nick Cannon

Number of Contestants


Number of Episodes


Original Network


Original Release

September 27, 2023 – Present

The Masked Singer Season 10 Trailer

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