Who is the Winner of Squid Game: The Challenge?

Mai Whelan won “Squid Game: The Challenge” thanks to the moves and smart play that made her the standout winner of the first season.

Who wins the squid game: Challenge?

The winner of “Squid Game: Challenge” is Mai Whelan, and she won after fierce competition among 456 players. Mai, an American citizen, demonstrated both strategic thinking and trustworthiness throughout the program. In her final moments, she faces off against two other players, Phil and Sam, in a challenging game.

Using her observation and strategic skills, Mai made a smart move in a complicated version of rock, paper, scissors to win. Choosing to draw a triangle ensured her safety and ultimately helped her win the title of first season winner. Mai’s ability to navigate the game and outsmart her opponents made her a standout player in “Squid Game: The Challenge”.


Squid fishing game: Challenge winner

The prize for the winner of “Squid Game: The Challenge” is $4.56 million. This makes it the largest cash prize ever awarded for reality television on Netflix. However, it is important to consider taxes because the winner, Mai Whelan, is a US citizen, and will be subject to federal income taxes. If Mai elects to receive the award in a lump sum, a reported federal income tax rate of 37% will apply.

This means that after taxes, Mai’s net payout will be just over $2.87 million. Even though the show is filmed in the UK, where prize money is not taxed, winners still have to pay their taxes back home. In the United States, the IRS considers game show winnings of $600 or more to be taxable income, and tax rates vary depending on the total amount of winnings. In Mai’s case, the substantial reward likely falls in the highest tax bracket.

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Squid fishing game: Challenge

Squid Game: The Challenge is a British reality competition series inspired by the popular Korean drama “Squid Game”. In this 10-episode show, 456 participants from around the world compete for the largest cash prize in game show history—$4.56 million.

The challenges include a combination of physical and mental tests that push contestants to their limits. The competition includes familiar games such as Red Light, Green Light, Dalgona and Marble. With alliances formed and broken in the dorms, the show explores how contestants navigate high stakes, strategic play, and unexpected alliances to become the sole winner.

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Squid fishing game: Challenging plot

Squid Game: The Challenge involves approximately 456 players competing in a realistic competition for a groundbreaking cash prize of US$4.56 million. The show, inspired by “The Squid Game”, presents a series of physically and mentally demanding challenges that push contestants to their limits.

From the fierce Red Light and Green Light to the strategy games Dalgona and Marble, players must navigate alliances, betrayals, and unexpected connections to survive and win. The competition takes place in a dormitory setting, where alliances are formed and tested. As the stakes increase, the players’ true colors are revealed, making each episode an engaging journey of survival and strategy.

Squid Game: Challenge Episodes

S. No

Episode name



Red light, green light

November 22, 2023


Man with umbrella

November 22, 2023



November 22, 2023


There’s nowhere to hide

November 22, 2023


Trick or Treat

November 22, 2023



November 29, 2023


Friend or enemy

November 29, 2023


One Step Closer

November 29, 2023


Circle of trust

November 29, 2023


A lucky day

December 6, 2023

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Squid Games: Challenge Trailer

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