Who is Vic Joseph’s Wife? Know Everything About Vic Joseph Wife McKenzie Mitchell

Who is Vic Joseph’s Wife? Vic Joseph is a American professional wrestling commentator born in people are very curious to know Who is Vic Joseph Wife

Who is Vic Joseph’s Wife?

So who is Vic Joseph’s Wife? According to our research, Vic Joseph’s wife is McKenzie Mitchell. Vic Joseph is an American professional wrestling commentator. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, United States on 8 July 1985.


Victor Joseph Travagliante


American professional wrestling commentator

Date of Birth

8 July 1985


38 years old

Birth Place

Cleveland, Ohio, United States



Wife Name

McKenzie Mitchell





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Who is Vic Joseph?

  • Name and Background:

    • Ring name: Vic Joseph (Victor Joseph Travagliante)
    • Birthdate: July 8, 1985
    • Nationality: American
  • Professional Role:

    • Occupation: Professional wrestling commentator
    • Current affiliation: World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE)
    • Primary role: Play-by-play commentator for WWE NXT
  • Career Timeline:

    • 2017: Joined WWE as a commentator for Main Event
    • Transitioned to color commentary for the developmental brand alongside Wade Barrett
    • After Barrett’s move to WWE SmackDown, Booker T replaced him on NXT
  • Background in Sports Broadcasting:

    • Cleveland native
    • Covered hometown football team for the Cleveland Browns Network
    • Announced for House of Hardcore
  • Personal Life:

    • Married to McKenzie Mitchell, also a WWE commentator

Vic Joseph Nationality

Vic Joseph, whose birth name is Victor Joseph Travagliante, proudly identifies as an American. Born on July 8, 1985, he hails from Cleveland, Ohio, further solidifying his American roots. As a professional wrestling commentator affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Joseph has become a notable figure in the entertainment industry, contributing his talents to the world of sports broadcasting.

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His nationality not only reflects his personal identity but also adds a layer of relatability to his audience, especially those who share a common national background. This American commentator, known by his ring name Vic Joseph, brings a distinct voice and perspective to the WWE, contributing to the diverse tapestry of talents within the professional wrestling landscape.

Vic Joseph Career

  • Background:

    • Full Name: Victor Joseph Travagliante
    • Ring Name: Vic Joseph
    • Birthdate: July 8, 1985
    • Nationality: American
  • Career Overview:

    • 2017: Entry into WWE:

      • Vic Joseph began his journey with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) in 2017.
      • Initially joined as a commentator for WWE’s show, Main Event.
    • Transition to NXT:

      • Demonstrating his commentary prowess, Joseph moved to WWE NXT, becoming the play-by-play commentator for the popular wrestling program.
    • Broadcasting Roots in Cleveland:

      • Hailing from Cleveland, Joseph’s broadcasting career commenced with coverage of the Cleveland Browns football team.
      • Worked for the Cleveland Browns Network and 92.3 The Fan, showcasing his early commitment to sports commentary.
    • Marriage to McKenzie Mitchell:

      • Vic Joseph is married to McKenzie Mitchell, who shares his passion for professional wrestling and serves as a fellow WWE commentator.

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