Who Is Zade Batal? Meet Em Beihold Boyfriend? Wiki And Relationship Explore

Is Em Beihold’s boyfriend, Zade Batal, distraught about her mental health issues? How did the filmmaker-musician team meet? Learn more in the article. Em Beihold, born January 21, 1999, is an American singer and songwriter best known for her popular song “Until I Found You,” on which she collaborated with Stephen Sanchez as a featured artist.

Beihold’s career as a singer started when she was contacted by filmmaker Michelle Schumacher and asked to write a song called “Not Who We Were” for the film “I’m Not Here.” Michelle obviously has a strong eye for talent since Em Beihold continued to get recognition on social media, notably TikTok, for her songwriting abilities. Her singing videos not only drew the notice of her new followers, but they also led to her signing with ‘Republic Records,’ where she launched her first hit song, ‘Numb Little Bug.’

Who is Em Beihold’s boyfriend, Zade Batal?

Em Beihold, a young and skilled model, may have a lot of males swooning over her charm, but the 24-year-old beauty has a boyfriend who is as accomplished. Many Em fans may not be familiar with the name ‘Zade Batal.’ He is a well-known photographer and filmmaker.

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Em Beihold’s boyfriend, Zade Batal, is a filmmaker, photographer, and creative director residing in Los Angeles. Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work with a wide range of businesses, performers, and social media celebrities. One of the key reasons Zade became Em Beihold’s lover was his choice to change his professional path and become a creative director for bands.

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The young and attractive pair seem to be madly in love. Em can’t stop uploading images of herself taken by her lover, Zade. Em and Zade began dating around the outset of the epidemic. They met while filming one of Em’s music videos. The video’s creative director was Zade. Em admits in an interview that she and Zade didn’t believe they’d ever date. Em also said that Zade was too much of an introvert for her. Their paths were supposed to intersect in some way. Surprisingly, they began as friends and eventually began dating.

How Did Em Beihold’s Boyfriend Zade Batal Assist Her During Her Darkest Hours?

The filmmaker’s presence was essential in Em Beihold’s life, as she said in a TikTok video that she couldn’t have survived the lockdown without Zade’s assistance. Em has been open about her struggle with depression from the beginning of her celebrity. She wants others to understand that having mental health issues is normal. They should be treated similarly to other ailments. The artist also created the song ‘Numb Little Bug,’ which describes her battle with depression and how, even when things seem to be going well, you may still suffer. She also mentions in her TikTok video that her mental health has left her lover Zade feeling a bit overwhelmed at times.

Even when things were difficult, Em Beihold’s boyfriend Zade Batal was always at her side. Em Beihold admitted to having panic attacks in public while suffering from anxiety. In a TikTok video, she describes how her lover Zade could tell when she was feeling uncomfortable and would do things to divert her. Em had to tour a lot when his hit song ‘Until I Found You’ became popular. People just saw her glitz and glamor, but only Zade knew about her anxiety difficulties.

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He would go out of his way to be with his lover, sometimes rescheduling meetings to be at her side. He helped her overcome her nerves before the concert and afterward to promote her music. We’re not sure about modern-day fairytales, but Em Beihold’s lover is clearly a prince to his singing princess, or maybe ‘Romeo to Juliet.’

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