Who Went Home on The Challenge: USA Season 2 Tonight?

The Challenge: USA Season 2 saw Sebastian Noel leaving the show in the latest episode after losing an elimination showdown against Chris.

Who Went Home on The Challenge: USA Season 2 Tonight?

In the latest episode of “The Challenge: USA” Season 2, a contestant named Sebastian Noel had to leave the show. Sebastian was very confident in the challenges and had plans to vote out a veteran player. However, things didn’t go his way. Another contestant named Chris was chosen to compete against Sebastian in the elimination round. In the end, Chris won the showdown, and sadly, Sebastian had to say goodbye to the show.


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Who was Eliminated on The Challenge: USA Season 2?

ContestantEpisode Eliminated
Sebastian NoelEpisode 9
Monte TaylorEpisode 8
Tiffany MitchellEpisode 7
Dusty HarrisEpisode 6
Alyssa LopezEpisode 5
Amanda GarciaEpisode 4
Luis ColónEpisode 4
Paulie CalafioreEpisode 3
Jonna MannionEpisode 2
Ameerah JonesEpisode 2

Who’s Left in the Game on The Challenge: USA season 2?

ContestantOriginal Show
Alyssa SniderBig Brother
Cassidy ClarkSurvivor
Chanelle HowellSurvivor
Chris UnderwoodSurvivor
Cory WhartonThe Challenge MTV
Desi WilliamsSurvivor, The Challenge: USA
Faysal ShafaatBig Brother, The Challenge MTV
John “Johnny Bananas” DevenanzioThe Challenge MTV
Josh MartinezBig Brother, The Challenge MTV
Michaela BradshawSurvivor, The Challenge MTV
Michele FitzgeraldSurvivor, The Challenge MTV
Tori DealThe Challenge MTV
Tyler CrispenBig Brother
Wes BergmannThe Challenge MTV
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The Challenge: USA Contestants

Cory WhartonOngoing
Chris UnderwoodOngoing
Monte TaylorEliminated in Episode 8
Faysal ShafaatOngoing
Sebastian NoelEliminated in Episode 9
Josh MartinezOngoing
Dusty HarrisEliminated in Episode 6
Johnny “Bananas” DevenanzioOngoing
Tyler CrispenOngoing
Luis ColónEliminated in Episode 4
Paulie CalafioreEliminated in Episode 3
Wes BergmannOngoing
Alyssa SniderOngoing
Cassidy ClarkOngoing
Chanelle HowellOngoing
Desi WilliamsOngoing
Michaela BradshawOngoing
Michele FitzgeraldOngoing
Tori DealOngoing
Tiffany MitchellEliminated in Episode 7
Alyssa LopezEliminated in Episode 5
Amanda GarciaEliminated in Episode 4
Jonna MannionEliminated in Episode 2
Ameerah JonesEliminated in Episode 2

The Challenge: USA Overview


“The Challenge: USA” is an exciting TV show where people from different reality programs come together to compete. They face various challenges that test their skills and abilities. Some of the challenges are really tough, and the participants need to be strong and smart to win. The show also has eliminations, where one person has to leave the competition.

The last person standing at the end wins a big prize, which makes everyone give their best and fight hard in each challenge. It’s a show full of drama, action, and surprises, making it really fun to watch! In this show, contestants come from different reality shows like Survivor, Big Brother, and more. They form teams and compete against each other to prove who is the best. The challenges they face are not easy; they have to solve puzzles, endure physical tasks, and sometimes even face their fears.

The competition is tough, and alliances play an important role. As the show progresses, contestants get eliminated until only the strongest and most determined ones remain. It’s a battle for survival and victory, and the audience can’t wait to see who comes out on top.

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