Who Won Big Brother 2023? Who is Jordan Sangha?

Find the winner of Big Brother 2023 and learn more about the intriguing journey of Jordan Sangha, a 26-year-old lawyer from Scunthorpe who emerged victorious after 42 days in the ITV2 reality show.

Big Brother 2023

Big Brother 2023, also called Big Brother 20, was the twentieth season of the famous reality show in the United Kingdom. It was the first time it aired on ITV2 after ITV got the rights in August 2022, bringing it back after nearly four years since it was last on Channel 5. The season started on October 8, 2023, with a launch show on both ITV (ITV1 and STV) and ITV2.

Most of the season was on ITV2. AJ Odudu and Will Best were the hosts, and they also did the companion show, Big Brother: Late & Live. The winner, Jordan Sangha, was revealed on November 17, beating Olivia Young, who came in second. This season was the shortest ever, lasting for 42 days, which is less than the seventeenth series that went on for 50 days.

Who won Big Brother 2023?

Jordan Sangha won Big Brother 2023. The show ended on Friday, November 17, and Jordan came in first place, with Olivia Young as the runner-up. The final had other contestants like Henry Southan, Yinrun Huang, and Noky Simbani. Trish Balusa, who became friends with Yinrun and Noky, was not there for the final and the usual Late & Live appearance.

Trish got kicked out earlier because old posts on her social media were offensive. She said sorry on a new account. The controversy made ITV look into why those posts weren’t found during the checks done by an independent group before the show.

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Who is Jordan Sangha?

Jordan Sangha won Big Brother 2023, also called Big Brother 20. In the show, Jordan was known for being calm and having a unique personality. He called himself a “posh” person who likes being alone, but surprisingly, he became friends and romantically connected with Henry Southan, another person in the house. Even though he didn’t like living with people at first, Jordan slowly became close to his housemates.

He shared his feelings in private, especially during talks with Henry and in the Diary Room with Big Brother. Jordan did well in the game, avoiding being nominated until the last week, Week 5. After spending 42 days in the Big Brother house, Jordan made it to the Finale and won, getting 37.8% of the total votes from the public in the season finale.



Jordan Sangha


October 11, 1997











Jordan Sangha Age

Jordan Sangha is 26 years old. Born on October 11, 1997, Jordan’s success on Big Brother has not only brought financial rewards but has also opened doors for him to explore different paths and aspirations. His story resonates as an inspiring example of taking risks and embracing change after achieving a significant milestone. As he embarks on this new chapter, it will be intriguing to see the exciting ventures and endeavors that lie ahead for the 26-year-old Big Brother winner.

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Big Brother Australia 2023 Winner Leaked

The winner of Big Brother Australia 2023 is still uncertain, but Louis is seen as the top choice with odds of $2.25, known for his romantic success and strategic skills. Graciemae is close behind as the runner-up with $3.00 odds, praised for her friendly nature and strong connections. Sisters Tay and Ari are the third favorites with $3.50 odds after making a smart move. Dion has slightly lower odds at $5.00, despite being popular. Minee, the Perth model, holds $7.50 odds, placing her in fifth position.

Intruder Maddi-Rose and Oli both have $10.00 odds, making the competition interesting. Lewis, Jake, and Josh are closely following with odds of $11.00, $13.00, and $15.00. Taylah and Teejay trail behind with odds of $17.00 and $19.00. Even though these odds give us an idea of what fans think, the actual winner is still unknown, keeping the Big Brother Australia 2023 house full of suspense.

Big Brother 2023 Overview

Hosted by

AJ Odudu, Will Best

No. of days


No. of housemates



Jordan Sangha


Olivia Young

Companion shows

Big Brother: Late & Live

Country of origin

United Kingdom

No. of episodes


Original network


Original release

8 October – 17 November 2023

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