Who Won the Big Brother Reindeer Games 2023? How Many Times Has Nicole Won Big Brother?

Nicole Franzel emerged victorious in the 2023 Big Brother Reindeer Games, claiming the $100,000 grand prize and showing off her strategic prowess in the reindeer-themed extravaganza.

Big Brother reindeer game

Big Brother Reindeer Games is an American competition reality television series that serves as a spin-off of the popular show Big Brother. The show premiered on CBS on December 11, 2023 and is presented by former Big Brother HouseGuests Derek Xiao, Tiffany Mitchell and Jordan Lloyd. It belongs to the reality competition genre and is based on the original idea of ​​Big Brother created by John de Mol Jr.

The competition featured nine former HouseGuests participating in challenges and strategic gameplay over the course of six, two-week episodes. The show is produced by Fly on the Wall Entertainment and Endemol Shine North America, with executive producers Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan and Chris Roach.

The Big Brother reindeer game captivated audiences with a unique twist on the traditional Big Brother format, incorporating a festive reindeer theme. Airing on CBS, the series highlights the competitive spirit of contestants as they vie for supremacy in reindeer-themed challenges. The inaugural season ends on December 21, 2023, marking the end of what has been a festive and exciting reality competition.

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Who won the 2023 Big Brother Reindeer Games?

Nicole Franzel emerged as the winner of Big Brother Reindeer Games 2023, winning the $100,000 grand prize. In the final moments of the competition, Nicole, a Big Brother legend who previously won Big Brother 18, showed off her strategic and competitive prowess. Although she was not the most popular player, she successfully overcame the reindeer-themed game’s challenges and eventually won.

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Second place went to Taylor Hale, a fierce competitor who won Big Brother 24 and earned the title of America’s Favorite Houseguest. Nicole and Taylor teamed up throughout the competition, and in the final face-off, Nicole chose to face Taylor, admitting she was a worthy opponent.

Notably, Frankie Grande and Xavier Prather, known for their strong competition skills, won third and fourth place, respectively. Xavier, the Big Brother 23 winner, showed off his competitive prowess but ultimately failed, while Frankie, the last remaining competition monster, took third place. Despite their impressive performances, Nicole Franzel emerged as a worthy champion of Big Brother Reindeer Games Season 1 in 2023.

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Who is Nicole Franzel?

Nicole Ann Franzel-Arroyo, born June 30, 1992 in Ubly, Michigan, is a 31-year-old American television personality. She is recognized for her roles in various seasons of the reality show Big Brother, where she first appeared on Big Brother 16 in 2014. Nicole went on to win Big Brother 18 in 2016 and placed first. third on Big Brother 22: All Stars in 2020 Notably, she won the spin-off series Big Brother Reindeer Games in 2023.

In addition to her television career, Nicole pursued a career in healthcare, graduating as an Emergency Room (ER) nurse in 2014. She is married to Victor Arroyo and they tied the knot in 2021. The couple has one child child.

In short, Nicole Franzel-Arroyo is a television personality from Michigan, known for her success in Big Brother, as both a winner and finalist, as well as her recent win in Big Brother Reindeer Games. Besides her television endeavors, she has a background in nursing and is married with a child.

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How many times has Nicole won Big Brother?

As of 2023, Nicole Franzel has won Big Brother, solidifying her victory in the reality competition series. The outstanding contestant from Ubly, Michigan won the grand prize, demonstrating his strategic prowess and resilience. Having first entered the Big Brother house in 2014, Nicole’s journey reached its peak of success in the recent season. Her win adds to her impressive record, marking a significant achievement in the world of reality television. Fans can celebrate Nicole’s win, appreciating her tenacity and competitive spirit that helped her become the Big Brother winner in 2023.

Big Brother reindeer game format

The Big Brother Reindeer Game has a unique format that sets it apart from traditional Big Brother installments. In each episode, three games take place, ending with the momentous “Santa Showdown”. The outcome of this confrontation determines which HouseGuest is eliminated. Unlike regular seasons, there is no group life in the BB house, no voting for each other, and no nominations.

The competition featured nine former HouseGuests from previous seasons, competing in a series of daily holiday-themed challenges. The show bypasses the usual nomination process, eviction due to at-home voting, and live broadcast.

One of the challenges is the “Naughty and Nice Challenge”, in which HouseGuests compete to gain an advantage for the next challenge while also giving a disadvantage, known as a Naughty List Penalty, to a chosen opponent.

The “Jingle Bell Brawl Challenge” determines safety from elimination, with the winner or winners receiving this important protection.

The big moment comes with “Santa’s Showdown,” where the nominees face a variety of challenges. However, the losing HouseGuest gets to choose a gift under the Christmas tree, containing surprises ranging from a fruit cake to a $5,000 prize.

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The season ended with four HouseGuests making it to the finale and the ultimate winner walking away with the $100,000 grand prize. The lack of nominations, eviction, and unique holiday-themed challenges add a fresh and festive touch to the Big Brother Reindeer Games format.

Participants of the Big Brother reindeer game

Here is a tabular column with the names of the participants in the “Big Brother Reindeer Game”:




Nicole Franzel-Arroyo


Taylor Hale


Frankie Grande


Xavier Prather


Britney Godwin


Josh Martinez


Danielle Hendricks


Cody Calafiore


Cameron Hardin

Where to watch the Big Brother reindeer game?

Big Brother: Reindeer Games has reached new heights in popularity, delivering an incredible storyline. Fans can watch this exciting spin-off on Paramount Plus in the US. The show’s success signals a positive direction for the beloved series, setting the stage for future seasons. For those looking to experience thrills and drama, streaming on Paramount Plus makes it easy to get in on the festival competition. Don’t miss the chance to watch Big Brother: Reindeer Games and witness the strategic gameplay and entertaining challenges that have mesmerized audiences. Stay tuned to Paramount Plus for an immersive and festive Big Brother experience.

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