Who won the Queen of the Universe Season 2? Queen of the Universe Season 2 Winner

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Universe Queen season 2

The highly anticipated second season of Queen of the Universe launches on June 2, 2023, exclusively on the Paramount+ streaming service. The competition brings together groups of talented contestants from all over the world to compete for the prestigious title. After a thrilling season with mesmerizing performances and fierce competition, the final winner of the second season has been announced as Taiga Brava, from Mexico.

Taiga’s exceptional artistry, stage presence and captivating performances set her apart, earning her the crown she deserves. The runner-up position belonged to Trevor Ashley, the representative of Australia, who showed great talent and charisma throughout the competition.

Production of the show continued to be led by host Graham Norton, whose wit and charm captivated audiences. Returning as judges are beloved characters Trixie Mattel, Michelle Visage and Vanessa Williams. However, the jury was changed when Mel B joined the team, replacing Leona Lewis. The cast for the second season was announced on February 22, 2023.

Among the ten talented contestants are notable names such as Aura Eternal, the runner-up of the second season of Drag Race Italia, and Love Masisi, the contestant of the second season of Drag Race Holland. The diverse roster promises an exciting and dynamic season, showcasing incredible talent from different parts of the world.

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With thrilling performances, fierce competition, and an all-star jury, the second season of Queen of the Universe proved to be an unforgettable journey celebrating the art of drag and the power of self-expression. close.


Who Won the Queen of the Universe Season 2?

In Part 2 of Queen of the Universe, the winner is Taiga Brava, a famous Mexican drag star. Taiga’s exceptional talent, charisma and stage presence captivated both the judges and the audience throughout the competition. With her incredible performance and unwavering confidence, she surpassed her fellow contestants from nine different countries.

Taiga’s unique style and ability to connect deeply with audiences have made her a clear leader in the competition. When the final episode aired, it came as no surprise that Taiga Brava was crowned Queen of the Universe, taking home the coveted title and the show’s grand prize of $250,000.

Her victory received overwhelming jubilation and celebration, not only in Mexico but also from fans around the world. Taiga’s win is a testament to her talent, hard work and dedication and her willingness to make a significant impact on the global drag community with her message of love, acceptance and express yourself.

Champion of the Queen of the Universe season 2

In a stunning zenith of talent and artistry, Taiga Brava from Mexico became the winner of Season 2 of Queen of the Universe. Throughout the competition, Taiga captivated both the judges and the audience with his exceptional performances, charismatic on-stage demeanor and unwavering confidence. Her ability to express the essence of traction, coupled with her unique style and creative expression, sets her apart from the other contestants.

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Taiga’s journey to the crown is filled with memorable moments and breathtaking performances that showcase her immense talent and versatility. Her dedication, hard work and unwavering passion for her craft shine through in every aspect of her performances. With each passing episode, Taiga proved to be a truly formidable force, leaving an indelible mark on the competition.

When the moment of truth came, Taiga’s name was announced as the well-deserved winner of Season 2. The studio audience erupted into applause and the judges stood up to recognize the exceptional achievement. hers. Taiga’s victory symbolizes individual victory, self-expression, and a celebration of drag culture. As the winner of the Queen of the Universe, Taiga Brava currently holds the crown along with the accompanying noble title.

Her victory not only brings great pride to Mexico, but also inspires artists and enthusiasts around the world. Taiga’s message of love, acceptance and authenticity resonates deeply and she is poised to make a significant impact on the global drag community. With her newly founded platform, Taiga has the opportunity to spread the message of empowerment, acceptance and self-love everywhere.

As the reigning queen, she embodies the charismatic spirit and is sure to continue to captivate audiences with her talent and charisma. The future looks bright for Taiga Brava, and her becoming the winner of Universe Queen season 2 is a testament to the artistry, dedication, and power of embracing her true self.

Where to Watch Universe 2 Season 2?

Queen of the Universe Season 2 can be enjoyed exclusively on the Paramount+ streaming service. As the home of this thrilling drag queen singing competition, Paramount+ offers viewers the chance to witness the incredible performances, fierce competition, and awe-inspiring moments that unfold throughout. Season.

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By subscribing to Paramount+, fans can immerse themselves in the show’s glitz, glamor and talent, and follow the contestants’ journey as they vie for the coveted Universe Queen title. . So, if you’re eager to join the excitement and witness the coronation of the next drag superstar, be sure to follow Paramount+ to see all the gripping episodes of Queen of the Universe Season 2.

Contestant of Queen of the Universe Season 2




Taiga Brava

City of Cancun, Mexico


Trevor Ashley

Sydney, Australia


eternal glory

Palermo, Italy

3rd place

Jazz Royal

Jacksonville, USA

4th place


Quezon City, Philippines

5th place[c]


Coventry, United Kingdom

6th place

militia force

Los Angeles, USA

7th place

Love Masisi

Amsterdam, Netherlands

8th place

Miss Sistrata

Tel Aviv, Israel

9th place

Chloe V

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

10th place

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