Why is Blue Bloods Ending After Season 14? Will There Be a Season 15 of Blue Bloods?

Blue Bloods is concluding after Season 14 to provide a heartfelt finale, Season 15 won’t be produced, marking the end of the beloved police procedural drama.

Why is Blue Bloods Ending After Season 14?

The decision to end Blue Bloods after its 14th season came as a surprise to many fans, especially considering its consistent popularity. Tom Selleck, who plays the lead role of Frank Reagan, expressed his gratitude for the 13 years of working on a show that celebrated law enforcement in New York City and emphasized the importance of family.

Despite being the No. 1 primetime program and the No. 3 broadcast drama with over 9 million viewers during the 2022-23 season, CBS executives noted that the upcoming season will provide an exciting and emotionally satisfying conclusion for the devoted fan base.

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Will There Be a Season 15 of Blue Bloods?

No, Season 14 will be the final season of Blue Bloods. Tom Selleck shared his appreciation for the show, the cast, and the fans, expressing gratitude for the opportunity to be part of the extraordinary group for over 275 episodes. The decision to conclude the series was a joint one between the network and the show’s creative team, ensuring that the loyal viewers receive a proper sendoff.

Blue Bloods Season 14

Season 14 of Blue Bloods brings a bittersweet conclusion to the long-running series, comprising a total of 18 episodes. The season is divided into two parts, with the initial 10 episodes premiering in midseason, commencing on February 16, 2024. Following a break, the final eight episodes are slated for release in the fall of 2024.

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The decision to craft an extended farewell signifies a thoughtful approach by the show’s creators, ensuring ample time to bid farewell to the beloved characters and provide viewers with a comprehensive and fulfilling conclusion to the cherished police procedural drama. This farewell season promises to deliver heartfelt moments and resolutions that will resonate with the dedicated fan base that has been part of the Reagan family’s journey throughout the series.

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Blue Bloods Season 14 Cast



Tom Selleck

Frank Reagan

Donnie Wahlberg

Danny Reagan

Bridget Moynahan

Erin Reagan Boyle

Will Estes

Jamie Reagan

Len Cariou

Henry Reagan

Marisa Ramirez

Maria Baez

Vanessa Ray

Eddie Janko Reagan

Blue Bloods Season 14 Recap

In the Season 13 finale of Blue Bloods, significant storylines unfolded, bringing together familiar faces and resolving key plot arcs. Danny Reagan, played by Donnie Wahlberg, teamed up with detective Jackie Curatola to pursue a notorious killer, Dr. Walker. Their collaboration saw a fierce encounter where Jackie bravely fought off Dr. Walker, compelling him to flee.

Meanwhile, Erin Reagan, portrayed by Bridget Moynahan, ensured justice prevailed by bringing an abuser to account and sentencing him to 25 years. Notably, Erin also made a public announcement, opting out of running for District Attorney.

The episode culminated in the traditional Reagan family dinner, a hallmark of the series, featuring appearances from Danny’s son Jack and Erin’s daughter Nicky, reconnecting familiar faces from past seasons.

The Season 13 finale not only tied up loose ends but set the stage for the upcoming Season 14. With characters resolving personal and professional challenges, while reuniting during the iconic Reagan family gathering, the groundwork is laid for an emotional and eventful final chapter.

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As the Reagan family navigates moral dilemmas, justice, and the intricate dynamics that define their lives, viewers anticipate a season that will delve deeper into their world, offering closure and memorable moments in the beloved police procedural drama.

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