Why is Just Beyond Not on Disney Plus? Where Can I Watch Just Beyond?

“Just Beyond” is no longer available on Disney Plus due to low viewership and cost-cutting measures, there are no alternative platforms mentioned for watching the show.
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About Just Beyond

“Just Beyond” is a television series that was originally available for streaming on Disney+. It is based on the works of R.L. Stine, a well-known author in the horror and young adult fiction genres. The series falls under the genre of anthology, meaning that each episode features a self-contained story with its own characters and plot, often exploring supernatural or mysterious themes.

The show’s premise revolves around presenting stories set in a reality just beyond our own, where strange and fantastical elements come into play. These elements include witches, aliens, ghosts, and parallel universes. Each episode introduces a new cast of characters who find themselves facing unexpected challenges and embarking on journeys of self-discovery within this supernatural world.

The storytelling in “Just Beyond” aims to capture a balance between scares and humor, drawing inspiration from R.L. Stine’s unique narrative style. The show is targeted at both teen and adult audiences, combining elements of teenage drama, spooky scenarios, and comedic moments.

While the show’s intent is to entertain with its blend of fright and fun, it also draws from R.L. Stine’s knack for crafting engaging and suspenseful tales.

Why is Just Beyond Not on Disney Plus?

“Just Beyond” was removed from Disney Plus as part of Disney’s cost-cutting strategy. The decision to remove the show was primarily due to its low viewership. Disney found that the cost of maintaining the series on the platform was not justified, especially as they were aiming to save $5 billion through cost-cutting measures.

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By removing certain titles like “Just Beyond,” Disney can reduce ongoing costs related to residual payments and licensing fees.Additionally, removing content from Disney Plus opens up opportunities for Disney to potentially establish licensing agreements with other streaming platforms, such as Netflix or HBO. This could potentially generate additional revenue for the company.

It’s worth noting that Disney implemented a content impairment charge, which serves as a write-off for tax purposes, making it unlikely for “Just Beyond” to return to Disney Plus in the near future. While theoretically possible, given Disney’s stance on the ongoing costs and the show’s prior low viewership, the likelihood of “Just Beyond” returning to the platform is very small.

As of now, there are no alternative streaming platforms or purchase options available for “Just Beyond.” Whether Disney will license the show to another streaming service or offer it for digital purchases in the future remains uncertain and would depend on the interest of other platforms.

If there are any updates regarding the availability of “Just Beyond” on other platforms, the article mentioned will be updated accordingly.

Where Can I Watch Just Beyond?

“Just Beyond” was originally available for streaming on Disney+. However, it was removed from Disney+ as part of Disney’s cost-cutting strategy due to its low viewership. The removal occurred on May 27, 2023. As of now, there are no alternative streaming platforms or purchase options mentioned for “Just Beyond.”

While it’s uncertain whether Disney will license the show to another streaming service or offer it for digital purchases in the future, the article notes that there have been instances where other companies, like Warner Bros. Discovery, removed content from their platforms and subsequently granted licensing agreements to other streaming services.

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This suggests that there might be a possibility of “Just Beyond” being licensed to another streaming platform in the future.

Just Beyond Cast

Episode 1 – Leave Them Kids Alone



Mckenna Grace


Leeann Ross


Nasim Pedrad

Miss Genevieve

Lauren Lindsey Donzis



Episode 2 – Parents Are From Mars, Kids Are From Venus



Gabriel Bateman


Arjun Athalye


Tim Heidecker


Riki Lindhome


Parvesh Cheena

Ron Sr.

Henry Thomas

Crazy Chris

William Tokarsky

Floating Head

Rajani Nair



Episode 3 – Which Witch



Rachel Marsh


Jy Prishkulnik



Episode 4 – My Monster



Megan Stott


Sally Pressman


Elisha Henig


Marcelle LeBlanc


Camryn Jade


Max Bickelhaup

The Squeamber


Episode 5 – Unfiltered



Izabela Vidovic

Lily Renton

Christine Ko

Ms. Fausse

Jordan Sherley

Carmen Morris

Leela Owen


Connor Christie



Episode 6 – We’ve Got Spirits, Yes We Do



Lexi Underwood


Kate Baldwin


Ben Gleib


Jackson Geach


Emily Marie Palmer


Claire Andres



Episode 7 – Standing Up For Yourself



Cyrus Arnold


Logan Gray

Little Trevor

Smera Chandan


Spencer Fitzgerald


Henry Shepherd

Evan Burger

Kwajalyn Brown

Principal Angela


Episode 8 – The Treehouse



Cedric Joe


Christine Adams


Malcolm Barrett


Jack Gore


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