Why is the Grinch Not on Netflix? Where to Watch the Grinch? Is The Grinch on Peacock?

The Grinch is not on Netflix because the streaming agreement with Illumination and Universal Pictures ended on December 4th, and there’s speculation NBC may seek exclusive rights for Peacock.


“The Grinch” is a 2018 animated Christmas film. It’s about a grumpy green creature named the Grinch who lives near a town called Whoville. The people in Whoville love Christmas, but the Grinch hates it. He decides to ruin their celebrations by stealing all their decorations and gifts. Along the way, he learns about kindness from a young girl named Cindy Lou Who.

Despite his attempts to stop why is the grinch not on netflix?, where to watch the grinch 2018, is the grinch on peacockChristmas, the people of Whoville still celebrate and show kindness to the Grinch. In the end, the Grinch realizes that Christmas is not about presents but about being with others. The film became the highest-grossing Christmas movie ever, making over $526 million worldwide.

Why is The Grinch Not on Netflix?

The Grinch is not on Netflix because the agreement between Netflix and the companies that made the movie, Illumination and Universal Pictures, came to an end. Netflix no longer has the right to show the film because their deal expired on December 4th. Although Netflix hasn’t officially explained why, some suggest that NBC may want exclusive rights for its own streaming service, Peacock.

Even though The Grinch is no longer available on Netflix, you can still watch it on other platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Prime, Vudu, Google Play, or FandangoNow by renting or buying it. So, if you want to enjoy The Grinch, there are other options besides Netflix.

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Where to Watch the Grinch?

You can watch “The Grinch” by renting or buying it on various platforms in India. Rent it in HD on Amazon Video for ₹99.00, in 4K on Apple TV for ₹120.00, or in HD on Google Play Movies or YouTube for ₹140.00.

If you want to buy the movie, it’s available in HD on Apple TV for ₹390.00 or on Google Play Movies or YouTube for ₹490.00. Unfortunately, there aren’t any free options to watch “The Grinch” online in India right now.

Check these platforms to rent or buy the movie based on your preference for quality and price. Enjoy watching “The Grinch” during the festive season!

Is The Grinch on Peacock?

Yes, “The Grinch” is available on Peacock. The original animated TV special, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas!” (1966), can be streamed on Peacock, offering a classic holiday option. If you prefer the live-action version with Jim Carrey from 2000, it will air on NBC on Christmas Day and is part of Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas programming. Additionally, it will be available on Peacock from December 20 through the end of the year.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s animated version from 2018, “The Grinch,” is also on Peacock and part of Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas. You can catch it on TV or stream it on FXNOW, fuboTV, and rent/buy on various platforms like YouTube, Google Play, Apple TV, Redbox, Vudu, or Prime Video.

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Grinch Plot

“The Grinch” tells the story of a grumpy green creature who lives near a town called Whoville. The people in Whoville love celebrating Christmas, but the Grinch hates it. He decides to spoil their festivities by stealing all their Christmas decorations and presents. However, he meets a kind-hearted girl named Cindy Lou Who who changes his perspective. Cindy Lou wants to help her overworked mother and initially thinks Santa can help. The Grinch, in a sarcastic encounter, suggests she talk to Santa directly. Instead, Cindy Lou tries to trap Santa with her friends.

As Christmas approaches, the Grinch’s attempt to ruin a ceremony brings back childhood memories. Despite stealing Christmas, the Whos still celebrate, teaching the Grinch the true meaning of the holiday. In the end, he learns to appreciate the joy of Christmas and finds friendship with the Whos.

Grinch Cast



The Grinch

Benedict Cumberbatch

Cindy Lou Who

Cameron Seely

Donna Who

Rashida Jones


Kenan Thompson

Mayor McGerkle

Angela Lansbury


Pharrell Williams


Tristan O’Hare


Sam Lavagnino


Ramone Hamilton


Scarlett Estevez

Store Clerk

Michael Beattie

Mrs. Toffee Apple

Georgia Toffolo

Sam (bus driver)

Bill Farmer

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