Why isnt Victoria Justice in Zoey 102? When is Zoey 102 Release Date?

Why not Victorian Justice in Zoey 102? Rumor has it that there have been scheduling conflicts that resulted in Victoria Justice not joining Zoey 102, learn more about the film and its release date here. Don’t miss the buzz – sign up for Fresherslive now! From breaking celebrity news to insightful movie reviews, be the first to know and participate in the ever-evolving entertainment scene at Fresherslive.

Why not Victoria Justice in Zoey 102?

Victoria, who plays the character Lola Martinez, will not be returning to her role in Zoey 102 due to scheduling conflicts that have prevented her from participating in the production. In an interview with Kristen Maldonado, she expressed her best wishes for the film and its cast. Victoria clarified that her inability to participate in the project was not due to a lack of love for the film or her co-stars.

She emphasized her gratitude for the time she spent with Zoey 101, acknowledging that it played a key role in establishing her presence in the entertainment industry. Victoria shared her love of the show and the entire cast, saying she had a great time working with Zoey 101.

She expressed her love and appreciation for each member of the cast, appreciating them and cherishing the memories they had created together. Although absent from Zoey 102, it is clear that there is no animosity or malice between Victoria and her former co-stars. The main reason for her absence was that she had previous commitments at the time, which made it difficult to coordinate her involvement in the production.

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Zoey 102

Zoey 102 is an upcoming youth film directed by Nancy Hower, with a screenplay written by Monica Sherer and Madeline Whitby. The film is based on the popular 2005 series Zoey 101 by Dan Schneider. Zoey 102’s cast includes Jamie Lynn Spears, Erin Sanders, Sean Flynn, Matthew Underwood, Christopher Massey, Abby Wilde, and Jack Salvatore, all of whom reprise their respective roles in the original series.

The film is slated to premiere on Paramount+ in July 2023. A release date of July 27, 2023, has been officially confirmed for June 20, 2023. Zoey 102 will revolve around the crowd. Quinn and Logan’s upcoming wedding, explore their journey as they prepare to tie the knot.

Fans of the Zoey 101 original series can look forward to this highly anticipated film, which will continue the story and reunite beloved characters from the film. The release of Zoey 102 on Paramount+ in July 2023 aims to appeal to both new and existing fans of the series, providing an exciting sequel to the story of Zoey 101.

Zoey 102 release date

The Zoey 101 sequel is slated to have an exclusive premiere on Paramount+ on Thursday, July 27, 2023. The decision to revive the series and release the film on the streaming platform follows a child. similar path that Paramount+ has done with iCarly, another popular Nickelodeon series.

iCarly recently returned for a third season, which began airing in June. The move to bring back beloved shows like Zoey 101 and iCarly demonstrates Paramount+’s commitment to serving fans and reviving the beloved Nickelodeon series for a new generation of viewers.

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Official trailer of Zoey 102


Why doesn’t Paul Butcher appear in The Zoey 102 Reboot?

Paul, who played the character Dustin Brooks in the original Zoey 101 series, has indicated on social media that he is not interested in participating in the revival of the franchise through a new movie or show. In a video on TikTok, he shared an image of the world with his eyes and mouth overlapping it, along with the words: “I mean, if we don’t want to restart Zoey 101 what else?”

This post suggests that Paul made a deliberate and personal decision not to participate in any revival projects. The video’s caption reinforces this, as it mentions “Queue [sic] JoJo ‘Too Little Too Late’,” reveals his belief that the idea of ​​a reboot was not well received or desired by himself or others.

Paul’s comments on the post, “Reading the Room,” further suggest that he believes his feelings are in line with the general feelings of others about Zoey 101’s revival. Additionally, he was able to Show consent by liking comments on posts expressing similar disinterest, such as “nobody wants this” or similar variations.

It can be inferred that Paul expressed his personal disinterest in reviving the Zoey 101 franchise and implied that others might share his sentiments.

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