Will the Wish be in Theaters? How Long will Wish be in Theaters?

Experience the enchanting journey of “Wish,” a 2023 animated musical fantasy. Join Asha on a quest to save Rosas, filled with magical moments and a star-studded cast. Theater release on November 22.

Wish Movie 2023

“Wish,” a captivating 2023 animated musical fantasy film, is a product of Walt Disney Animation Studios, helmed by directors Chris Buck and Fawn Veerasunthorn in her feature directorial debut. With a screenplay crafted by Jennifer Lee and Allison Moore, the movie features a star-studded cast including Ariana DeBose, Chris Pine, Alan Tudyk, and others.

Set in the Kingdom of Rosas, the story revolves around Asha, a 17-year-old voiced by DeBose, who senses an unseen darkness and seeks help from the stars. The unique art style combines computer animation with Disney’s historic watercolor aesthetic.

Inspired by Disney’s centennial, “Wish” explores the theme of wishes coming true and serves as the origin story for the wishing star. The film’s development, initiated in 2018 and publicly disclosed in January 2022, culminated in a Hollywood premiere on November 8, 2023, and a nationwide release on November 22, 2023, marking another milestone in Disney’s illustrious history.

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Will the Wish be in Theaters?

Yes, “Wish,” featuring Ariana DeBose and Chris Pine, hits theaters on November 22 for a Thanksgiving release. Unfortunately, Disney+ users will face disappointment, as no streaming release date is confirmed, breaking the usual festive trend.

Analyzing past Disney+ patterns suggests a potential streaming release in late January or mid to late-February 2024. For those eager for a holiday viewing, a trip to the local theater is a must. The enchanting tale of Asha in the Kingdom of Rosas will illuminate the big screen this season, with its digital release extending beyond the festive cheer for Disney+ subscribers.

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Wish Plot

Many years ago, the Kingdom of Rosas thrived under the magical rule of King Magnifico, who granted citizens’ wishes during a special ceremony. However, the truth unfolds when 17-year-old Asha interviews to be Magnifico’s apprentice.

Discovering Magnifico’s dark secret of erasing citizens’ memories and keeping ungranted wishes, Asha’s attempt to expose the truth is met with disbelief. When Magnifico crushes her mother’s wish as punishment, Asha, along with her enchanted pet Valentino and the magical Star, embarks on a mission to reclaim the stolen wishes.

Facing betrayal and dark magic, Asha rallies friends and confronts Magnifico, urging the citizens to make heartfelt wishes. Overwhelming Magnifico’s corrupted power, the people of Rosas regain freedom, and Queen Amaya assumes control. Magnifico is imprisoned, and Asha, now endowed with a magic wand, pledges to continue Star’s legacy, ensuring wishes are granted justly in the Kingdom of Rosas.

Wish Voice Cast




Ariana DeBose

King Magnifico

Chris Pine


Alan Tudyk

Queen Amaya

Angelique Cabral


Victor Garber


Natasha Rothwell


Jennifer Kumiyama


Harvey Guillén


Niko Vargas


Evan Peters


Ramy Youssef


Jon Rudnitsky


Della Saba

Wish Release Date

“Wish” enchants theaters on November 22, aligning perfectly with Thanksgiving. However, Disney+ enthusiasts face disappointment, as no streaming release date is confirmed, breaking the festive trend. Analyzing Disney+’s past, a late January 2024 or mid to late-February streaming release is plausible.

For an immediate “Wish” experience, a cinema visit is a must. The digital release, extending beyond the festive season, requires Disney+ users to linger in anticipation. The enchanting journey of “Wish” hits the big screen for Thanksgiving, but the magic extends to Disney+ a bit later, emphasizing the allure of this animated spectacle.

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How Long will Wish be in Theaters?

Disney’s enchanting film “Wish,” debuting on November 22, 2023, will grace theaters for an exhilarating run. With a 92-minute runtime and a PG rating, it promises a magical experience for audiences. While the exact duration in theaters isn’t specified, customary theatrical runs typically last several weeks, catering to diverse audiences.

The film’s cinematic journey, exploring the fictional Kingdom of Rosas and Asha’s transformative wish, will captivate viewers until its eventual transition to Disney+ after an estimated one to three months, based on Disney’s historical streaming patterns. DVD and Blu-ray release dates are yet to be revealed.

Wish Trailer

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