Will there be a Foundation Season 3? When is Foundation Season 3 Coming Out?

Will there be a Foundation Season 3? There have been no official announcements season 3 of Foundation and it remains uncertain whether there will be a third season for the TV series Foundation. 

Will There be a Foundation Season 3?

There have been no official announcements regarding season 3 of Foundation. It remains uncertain whether there will be a third season for the TV series Foundation. The second season is presently available for viewing on Apple TV+. The announcement of the second season occurred approximately three weeks after the commencement of the first season.

There exists a possibility that Apple TV+ is deferring any decisions regarding a third season until the resolution of the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. Further updates from Apple TV+ are awaited to definitively ascertain the status of Foundation’s potential third season


Foundation is a show you can watch on Apple TV+. It’s based on Isaac Asimov’s stories. The series started on September 24, 2021. People like the big story, special effects, and music. They have some great actors like Jared Harris, Lee Pace, Lou Llobell, and Leah Harvey. After the first season, which had good and not-so-good parts, they decided to make a second season. This one began on July 14, 2023.

The first season was liked, but some said it was a bit hard to follow because it jumped around in time a lot and used a lot of talking to explain things. The second season got better reviews. People thought it was easier to follow, had a more exciting story, and the characters felt more real.

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Foundation Cast 



Jared Harris

Hari Seldon 

Lee Pace

Brother Day 

Lou Llobell

Gaal Dornick 

Leah Harvey

Salvor Hardin 

Laura Birn

Eto Demerzel

Terrence Mann

Brother Dusk (Cleon XI, XII, XVI) 

Chipo Chung

Voice of the Deliverance operating system

Cassian Bilton

Brother Dawn (Cleon XIV, XVIII)

Foundation Plot

Foundation is a big story that happens in space. People live on different planets and are all part of a big empire called the Galactic Empire. The story is about a smart mathematician named Hari Seldon. He has a special way of predicting the future using math. He calls it “psychohistory.” He can’t predict individual actions, but he can predict what big groups of people will do.

Hari Seldon sees that the Galactic Empire will fall and chaos will come. So, he plans to reduce the dark times that will follow from thousands of years to just a thousand years. He creates a plan to save knowledge and help the future, and this is called the Foundation. The show follows Hari Seldon and others as they try to make the plan work and save the future. There are Emperors, conflicts, and many adventures in this big space story.

Where to Watch Foundation?

You can watch Foundation on Apple TV+. If you have an active subscription to Apple TV+ all you need to do is search for Foundation on Apple TV+ and watch the same.  It’s a show about space and predicting the future with math.

When is Foundation Season 3 Coming Out?

There is no official announcement regarding the release date for Foundation Season 3.

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Foundation Trailer

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