Will There Be a Season 5 of Bump? Bump Cast, Plot, and More

As of now, there is no official confirmation about “Bump” Season 5. The creators have not shared details about the development or release. Fans should stay tuned for updates from the production team.

Will there be a season 5 of Bump?

There is no official confirmation regarding the production or release of Season 5 of “Bump”. Specific details about a potential fifth installment, including development progress and release date, have yet to be revealed. Fans and viewers are encouraged to stay tuned for future announcements from the creator or production team to receive updates on the series.

Any upcoming information about the “Bump” sequel and a potential Season 5 will be shared by the responsible authorities and enthusiasts are advised to stay tuned for official statements on the latest related developments to the future of the program.

Introducing Bump

“Bump” is an Australian television series in the comedy genre. Created by Claudia Karvan and Kelsey Munro, the show premiered on Stan on January 1, 2021. The plot revolves around Oly, a high-achieving teenage girl in an inner-city high school who unexpectedly becomes pregnant . The series explores the challenges and complications that arise for two families due to this unexpected pregnancy.

With a total of four seasons and 40 episodes, the show delves into the lives of Oly, her family, and those around her. It combines humor and drama while addressing the reality and consequences of unexpected situations, providing viewers with a combination of entertainment and relatable storytelling.

Actor Bump



Claudia Karvan

Angie Davis

Nathalie Morris

Olympia ‘Oly’ Davis-Chalmers

Carlos Sanson Jnr

Santiago ‘Santi’ Hernández

Angus Sampson

Dom Chalmers

Ava Cannon

Jacinda Hernandez Davis Chalmers

Catalina Palma Godoy


Safia Arain


Paula Garcia

Rosa Hernandez

Ioane Saula

Vince Ingram

Peter Thurnwald

Lachie Koh

Ricardo Scheihing Vásquez

Matías Hernández

Roman Delo

Zac Russo

Sarah Meacham


Claudia de Giusti

Bernadita Hernández

Miguel Andrade


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Plot collision

“Bump” is about Oly, an energetic teenage girl studying at an inner-city high school in Australia. The plot takes an unexpected turn when Oly discovers she is pregnant. The series unfolds as Oly navigates the challenges of teenage pregnancy, exploring the effects on her life and the two families involved. With a combination of comedy and drama, “Bump” deals with the complications, surprises and complications that arise from this unexpected situation.

Viewers witness Oly’s journey along with the reactions and adjustments of her family and those around her. The show offers a heartfelt exploration of relationships, aspirations and the unexpected twists that life can bring, all set in a high school and wider urban environment of Australia.

Collision assessment

“Bump” received positive acclaim for its fresh take on teenage pregnancy, blending humor and heart in a compelling story. Viewers praised the realistic depiction of the challenges faced by Oly and the families involved, creating relatable and empathetic storytelling. The performances, particularly those of Claudia Karvan and Nathalie Morris, were applauded for their authenticity and emotional depth.

The film’s clever blend of comedy and drama was praised for tackling sensitive topics with sensitivity and humor. Audiences appreciated the well-developed characters and the way the series explored themes of family, relationships, and unexpected twists in a high school setting. Overall, “Bump” was praised for its engaging plot, strong performances, and ability to balance lighter moments with meaningful reflections on life’s surprises.

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