Will There Be a Season 9 of Shetland? Who is Expected to Return in Season 9 of Shetland?

As of now, Season 9 of Shetland has not been confirmed and there has been no official word from the BBC. Douglas Henshall’s departure and the uncertainty surrounding the show’s continuation have fans and cast waiting for a decision, making the show’s future an anxious wait.


“Shetland” is a gripping Scottish crime drama produced by ITV Studios for BBC Scotland. Launching on BBC One in 2013, the series, originally based on the novel by Ann Cleeves and adapted by David Kane, follows DI Jimmy Pérez, portrayed by Douglas Henshall for the first seven series. Notable cast members include Ashley Jensen, Alison O’Donnell and Steven Robertson.

The show is set in the Shetland Islands, seamlessly blending the stunning island landscape with the Scottish mainland scenery. Recognized with the 2016 BAFTA Scotland award for best actor, Henshall’s performance contributed to the show’s Best Drama award. Despite COVID-19 delays, the sixth series aired in 2021, with a seventh following in 2022.

Interestingly, the eighth series, announced for July 2022, will feature Jensen as DI Ruth Calder, Henshall’s successor. This popular series continues to captivate audiences with its engaging stories, picturesque settings, and stellar performances, cementing its place as a popular crime drama.

Will there be a season 9 of Shetland?

As of now, there has been no official confirmation of Shetland’s renewal for Season 9. The BBC is yet to make any announcement regarding the future of the crime drama series, and even the actress Lead actor Ashley Jensen also expressed uncertainty during a recent appearance on The Graham Norton. Shows. The show, which saw significant change with the departure of Douglas Henshall and the introduction of Ashley Jensen as DI Ruth Calder, faced questions about its continuity.

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Despite an impressive eight seasons, the lack of a clear decision on Season 9 has fueled speculation about the show’s future. Alison O’Donnell, a star of the series, considered the decision to continue without the character of Henshall a “gamble”, leaving fans and cast alike waiting to see if the gamble would pay off. ratings and audience reception. For now, viewers will have to follow official updates from the BBC to know Shetland’s fate.

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Who is expected to return for season 9 of Shetland?

In the event that Shetland Season 9 is given the green light, viewers can anticipate the return of familiar characters who have become an integral part of the series. Returning cast are expected to include Alison O’Donnell as DI Alison “Tosh” McIntosh, Steven Robertson as DC Sandy Wilson, Lewis Howden as Sgt Billy McCabe, Conor McCarry as PC Alex Grant, Eubha Akilade as PC Lorna Burns, Anne Kidd as forensic pathologist Cora McLean and Angus Miller as Donnie.

These characters played important roles throughout the film, contributing to the film’s success. However, there remains uncertainty regarding the future involvement of Ashley Jensen as DI Ruth Calder, who joined the cast in Season 8. Fans are eagerly awaiting official announcements to find out more about the cast for Shetland Season 9.

Shetland season 8 ending explained

In the Shetland Season 8 finale, the story reaches a gripping climax with the arrest of Grace and Bobby, which ties into the mysterious events surrounding the anniversary of the death of Grace’s husband Kenny. Shocking details reveal that Kieran, Ellen’s father, is her murderer. The complicated family relationship takes a dark turn when Ellen reveals that Bobby is her biological father.

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The story delves into the troubled history of the Bain family, exposing the traumatic incident between Bobby and his sister Stella. The story takes a tragic turn when Kieran, in a rage, accidentally kills Ellen, leaving the Bain-Quinn family irreparably broken.

As a result, Stella and her son leave the farm, while Grace and Bobby’s fate remains uncertain. The season finale not only solves the central mystery but also uncovers layers of family secrets, past traumas, and the consequences of buried truths, leaving viewers in suspense and pondering the future. hybrids of key characters in the series.

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Where to watch Shetland Season 8?

You can watch Shetland Season 8 on Prime Video under the title “Shetland S8.” The streaming platform offers viewers convenient access to the latest season, allowing them to dive deeper into the gripping crime drama set in the Shetland Islands.

Whether catching up on missed episodes or enjoying the series for the first time, Prime Video offers a user-friendly and accessible way to watch Shetland Season 8. With the convenience of on-demand streaming bridge, audiences can immerse themselves in the compelling plot and character dynamics at their own pace.

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