Will There Be Uncanny Counter Season 3? The Uncanny Counter Season 3 Release Date

Will There Be Uncanny Counter Season 3? This article delves into the current status of “The Uncanny Counter” Season 3, the hints dropped by the cast, and what fans can expect.
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The Uncanny Counter TV Series

The Uncanny Counter is a South Korean TV series that started in 2020. It features a high school student named So Mun who joins a group called the Counters. They’re special people who hunt evil spirits that escape from the afterlife to harm humans.

The first season aired from November 28, 2020, to January 24, 2021, and the second season aired from July 29 to September 3, 2023. You can watch it on TV or stream it on Netflix in certain places. This series has been really popular and is the highest-rated show on OCN, a Korean TV network.

If you’re interested in supernatural stories and action, The Uncanny Counter might be worth checking out, especially if it’s available in your region on Netflix.

Will There Be Uncanny Counter Season 3? 

There hasn’t been any official announcement or hints about The Uncanny Counter Season 3 from tvN or Netflix. The Season 2 finale concluded with the main characters dealing with their latest challenges and saying heartfelt goodbyes to the series and its fans.

While some cast members expressed gratitude and hinted at the possibility of a Season 3, no concrete information about its production has been revealed. Fans of the show will need to stay tuned for any future updates or announcements from the creators and networks to know if a third season is in the works.

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Uncanny Counter Plot

The Uncanny Counter is set in the fictional city of Jungjin, where a group of demon-hunters known as the Counters takes on the challenging task of hunting down evil spirits called akgwi. These evil spirits escape from the afterlife in a bid to gain immortality by possessing humans who have committed murder or have strong desires to kill.

The Counters were once in comas until they were possessed by partner spirits from Yung, a realm between the afterlife and the world of the living. This possession gives them healthy bodies, superhuman strength, and supernatural abilities. Three of the Counters, Ga Mo-tak, Do Ha-na, and Chu Mae-ok, disguise themselves as workers in a noodle restaurant, Eonni’s Noodles, which also serves as their hideout.

The story takes an unexpected turn when the fourth Counter, Jang Cheol-joong, is killed in a battle against a powerful Level 3 evil spirit, and his partner spirit, Wi-gen, seeks a new host. Strangely, Wi-gen chooses a high school student named So Mun, who, despite having a disability, is miraculously healthy and alive. As Wi-gen possesses Mun, he starts experiencing strange changes in his body and has dreams of Wi-gen.

Mun soon discovers the truth at Eonni’s Noodles and becomes the replacement for Cheol-joong. This sets him on a thrilling journey to combat bloodthirsty demons, reconnect with his past, and uncover the dark secrets behind a major redevelopment project in Jungjin.


Uncanny Counter Cast



Jo Byeong-kyu

So Mun

Kim Se-jeong

Do Ha-na

Yoo Jun-sang

Ga Mo-tak

Yeom Hye-ran

Chu Mae Ok

Lee Sun-bin

Heo Hee-young

Lee Hong-nae

Ji Cheong Shin

Kim Hieora

Gelli Choi

Jeong Won-chang

Shin Hyuk-woo

Yoo In-soo

Na Jeok-bong

Ok Ja-yeon

Baek Hyang-hui

Kang Ki-young

Hwang Pil-kwang

Moon Sook


Lee Ji-won

Im Joo-yeon

Jin Seon-kyu

Ma Joo-seok

Lee Chan-hyung

Kwon Su-ho

Kim Hyun-Wook

Wong Li Qiang

Ahn Suk-hwan

Choi Jang-mul

Kim Jung Jin

Jang Hye-kyung

Choi Yoon Young

Kim Jeong-yeong

Choi Gwang-il

Shin Myung-hwi

Son Ho-jun

Oh Jung-gu

Kim Eun-soo

Kim Woong-min

Kim So-ra

Kim Gi-ran

Kim Yi-kyung

Kim Yeong-nim

Kim Yeon-woo

Jeong Geun-yeong

Son Yeo-Eun

Ha Mun-young

Sung Ji-ru

Jang Cheol-joong

Lee Do-yeop

Cho Tae-shin

Im Ji-kyu


Jeon Jin-oh

Noh Chang-kyu

Son Gang-guk

Choi Soo-ryong

Kim Min-ho

Baek Jun-kyu

Seung-Hoon Kim

Noh Hang-kyu

Jeon Seok-ho

So Gwon

Hong Ji-hee

Lee Min-ji

Yoon Joo-sang

Ha Seok-gu

Woo Mi-hwa

The Prosecutor

Lee Joo-shil

Jang Chun-ok


Im Jae-yeol

Choi Kwang-je


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Uncanny Counter Season 2 Finale

In this episode, the Counters successfully defeat Pil-gwang and send him to face his punishment in hell. Although there is a hint that Pil-gwang might return in the future, his fate seems grim. The episode also focuses on the lives of the main characters, providing closure for their individual storylines.

Ma Ju-seok is freed from the memories of his possession and finds peace after connecting with Min-ji from beyond. So Mun is asked by Wi Gen to go abroad and teach other Counters how to face threats like Pil-gwang. Despite the shock and reluctance of his fellow Counters, So Mun departs on this mission, determined to prevent more victims like Ju-Seok. The episode includes a time skip, highlighting how each character is carrying on with their lives, eagerly awaiting So Mun’s return.

So Mun reaches a town in Germany, where he meets a woman who reminds him of someone important. It turns out that she is Wi Gen’s daughter, and their reunion is emotional and heartwarming. Meanwhile, back in Korea, the Counters are alerted to So Mun’s return when their territory lights up. They leave a wedding party to deal with a group of evil spirits, marking their reunion and a return to their duty of protecting the world.


Where to Watch Uncanny Counter Season 2?

You can watch “The Uncanny Counter – Season 2” on Netflix. To access it, you’ll need a Netflix subscription, which allows you to stream the show without ads. Simply log in to your Netflix account, search for “The Uncanny Counter,” and start watching.

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If you have a basic Netflix subscription, please note that it may include ads in some regions, so make sure to check your specific subscription terms for ad-related details. Enjoy watching the series on Netflix!

The Uncanny Counter Season 3 Release Date

There hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the release date for The Uncanny Counter Season 3. The show’s future remains uncertain, and there are hints of a possible climax in the second season, including a big boss fight.

Additionally, there have been suggestions that a major character might depart from the series. However, no specific details have been confirmed, and viewers will need to stay updated for any official news about the renewal and release date of Season 3.

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