Winning Time Season 2 Ending Explained, Cast, Plot, Review, and More

The ending of “Winning Time” Season 2 sees the Lakers losing to the Celtics in a championship match, marking a significant moment in the team’s history, while also hinting at future events for the characters.

Winning Time Season 2 Ending Explained

“Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty” is a TV series based on real events from the 1980s when the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team became famous. The first season focused on how the Lakers’ owner, Jerry Buss, brought excitement to the team and helped them win the NBA finals in 1980. It also showed the big personalities of players like Magic Johnson, Norm Nixon, and Kareem Abdul-Jabar.

Season 2 of the show jumped forward four years after that victory. It covered the drama behind the scenes, including conflicts between Magic Johnson and Coach Paul Westhead. There were personal scandals, a fire at Kareem’s home, Buss’ divorce, and tension with Jerry West. The season built up to a big showdown with the Boston Celtics in the 1984 all-star game.

The ending of Season 2 wasn’t a happy one for Lakers fans. The Celtics won the championship in the final match, and it was embarrassing for Jerry Buss, especially because he was going through a lawsuit about his marriage. Magic Johnson, who was crucial to the team, felt disappointed in the locker room.

The show was supposed to continue, but it got canceled after Season 2. They added an extra scene to provide some closure. In that scene, Jerry Buss talks to his daughter and hints at a brighter future. Then, there are some title cards that tell what would have happened to the characters if the show had continued. For example, the Lakers would win the championship again, Pat Riley would have more success, and Magic Johnson would announce he had HIV-AIDS.

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Unfortunately, the cancelation of “Winning Time” was unexpected, and it came during a year when many other shows were also getting canceled. It was a sad time for fans who were looking forward to more of the series.

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Winning Time

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty  is a TV show on HBO. It’s about the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team in the 1980s. The first season has 10 episodes and talks about the time when famous players like Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were on the team.

The show has a big cast with actors like John C. Reilly, Jason Clarke, and others. It started on March 6, 2022, and a second season came out on August 6, 2023. But, on September 17, 2023, they said there won’t be any more seasons.Even though HBO says it’s not entirely true, some people who used to play in the NBA and know a lot about basketball history say that the show has a lot of things in it that didn’t really happen.

Winning Time Cast



John C. Reilly

Jerry Buss

Quincy Isaiah

Magic Johnson

Jason Clarke

Jerry West

Adrien Brody

Pat Riley

Gaby Hoffmann

Claire Rothman

Tracy Letts

Jack McKinney

Jason Segel

Paul Westhead

Julianne Nicholson

Cranny McKinney

Hadley Robinson

Jeanie Buss

DeVaughn Nixon

Norm Nixon

Solomon Hughes

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Tamera Tomakili

Earletha “Cookie” Kelly

Spencer Garrett

Chick Hearn

Sarah Ramos

Cheryl Pistono

Molly Gordon

Linda Zafrani

Brett Cullen

Bill Sharman

Stephen Adly Guirgis

Frank Mariani

Delante Desouza

Michael Cooper

Jimel Atkins

Jamaal Wilkes

Austin Aaron

Mark Landsberger

Joey Brooks

Lon Rosen

Jon Young

Brad Holland

Rob Morgan

Earvin Johnson Sr.

Sally Field

Jessie Buss

Gillian Jacobs

Chris Riley

Thomas Mann

Johnny Buss

McCabe Slye

Jimmy Buss

Michael Chiklis

Red Auerbach

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Winning Time Season 2  Plot

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty is a TV show that tells the story of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team in the 1980s. In the first season, it looks at the 1979-1980 NBA season, which was important for the team. It shows how Jerry Buss became the Lakers’ owner and how Magic Johnson, a famous player, started his career with the team.

In the second season, the show continues to tell the Lakers’ story, focusing on the years between 1980 and 1984. During this time, the Lakers faced challenges and successes as they tried to become a top team in the NBA. the series mixes drama and sports to let viewers see what life was like for the Lakers’ players, owners, and important people during this exciting time in basketball history.

Winning Time Season 2 Review

“Winning Time” Season 2 continues to receive generally positive reviews from critics, much like its first season. Critics have praised the show for its larger-than-life characters and its energetic style, which makes the viewing experience quite exciting.

The series is seen as a captivating dive into the history of sports, providing viewers with a front-row seat to the drama and achievements of the Los Angeles Lakers during the 1980s. On Rotten Tomatoes, the second season holds an 83% approval rating among critics, indicating that a majority of reviewers found it appealing.

The consensus among critics is that while defending a championship title can be challenging, “Winning Time’s” sophomore season manages to maintain the same level of excitement, offering some of the best insights into the world of sports history that television has to offer. Metacritic also reflects generally favorable reviews for the second season, with a score of 68 out of 100 based on critic reviews.

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However, it’s worth noting that the series has faced criticism from some of the real-life figures portrayed in it, such as Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who have pointed out historical inaccuracies in the show’s depiction of the Showtime era.

Jerry West has also expressed his displeasure with how he was portrayed in the series and demanded a retraction from HBO, citing the portrayal as cruel and deliberately false. HBO responded by emphasizing that “Winning Time” is a dramatization, not a documentary, but based on extensive factual research and reliable sourcing.

Winning Time Season 2 Trailer

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