Xia Li Husband: Who Is She Married To? Is She Dating? Family & Relationship

Xia Li has received many awards in the wrestling industry. Her followers wanted to know if Xia Li had a spouse or if she was in a relationship. Fans of any sport, including wrestling, are always interested in the personal lives of their favorite athletes. Furthermore, as the first Chinese girl to step into a WWE ring, Li has received a lot of love and attention from fans, especially regarding her dating history. Zhao Xia, better known by his ring name Xia Li, is a Chinese professional wrestler currently competing for World Wrestling Entertainment’s Raw brand. Li was born on July 28, 1988 in Chongqing, Sichuan, China. I used to compete in Wushu before getting acquainted with wrestling and WWE.

She also won the World Traditional Chinese Wushu Championship, the Nike Challenge, and the China Throwdown: Battle on the Bund. Li made her Royal Rumble debut in 2019, entering at number 11. Charlotte Flair knocked her out after four minutes and forty-eight seconds in the ring. After three years of fumbling around in NXT, Smackdown selected Li in the 2021 Draft. On December 10, the Chinese artist made her Smackdown debut as a face, competing against Sonya Deville, Natalya and Shayna Baszler . However, she made her in-ring debut on February 25, 2022, defeating Natalya.

Is Ha Li’s husband married or dating?

Because of her battle with Becky Lynch, Xia Li became a fan favorite. Fans are curious to know if Li has a spouse or if she is dating someone. However, she has not made any public comments or announcements about having a partner or marrying anyone. Furthermore, her social media posts do not indicate that she had a partner. The majority of her social media posts are about her wrestling career and the alter ego she plays in the ring.

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Ha Ly

Perhaps this reflects her desire to keep her personal life out of the spotlight. That explains her reluctance to post anything personal on her Instagram or X profile. On the other hand, maybe she wants to focus on her career. The 35-year-old often talks about the obstacles she had to overcome to become a WWE superstar. Furthermore, her family is said to have almost rejected her from joining WWE. As a result, her passion and dedication to her work, as well as her avoidance of distractions, seem down-to-earth. Furthermore, she is determined to build her name in wrestling and please her fans for a long time.

The family fights for reputation

There is no smooth road to becoming a celebrity and Li is no exception. Her path to achievement was not easy. Li had to fight his family before facing any other opponents to get into WWE. During the TakeOver conference call, Triple H discussed Li’s tough challenges. He said that Li went to her audition in China without informing her parents because she was afraid they would disown her if they knew. Her daughter’s wrestling career was unthinkable for her family. Li realized that she had to make difficult decisions to achieve her goals.

As a result, when she received a phone call from WWE, she talked to her family before leaving home alone. She needed to go to a place where she knew no one and didn’t even speak the language. That would be a difficult sacrifice for anyone else. On the other hand, Li is a fighter who is prepared for this fight.

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Ha Ly

Although she has built a reputation for herself in the wrestling world, she has also managed to keep her relationship with her parents intact. Her Instagram page says she is able to maintain contact with her family. This shows her passion and determination to achieve her goals and recover what she may have lost.

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